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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Yet Another 3:30AM Post From The Office

Steven Den Beste has an interesting read regarding youthful rebellion. I think he’s pretty dead-on here. All young folks have some sort of need to piss off their parents, hell, just ask my roomate what I was like in high school if you need evidence of that, and I agree that a lot of the youthful new-left movement is part of that. However, I also think a lot of real hard-line young conservatives are very much in the same vein. Take our favorite example of a reactionary douchebag, Scott Austin: he’s against everything liberals are for because…wait for it…liberals are for them! And I think a lot of the real hard-core young conservatives react in the same way…just go to a CN conference for evidence of that. Extremism is never the parent of rigorous thought.