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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Democratic Debate III: The Dale Earnhardt Story

What the hell is the deal with the microphones. Seriously, they keep going in and out. What a bunch of crappy PBS production values.

How do we protect kids from AIDS?

“We have to use needles,” says Richardson. I am not taking that out of context. Honestly, what the fuck? Also: “We need to penetrate minority outreach.” Jesus!

Edwards think we need to find a cure to AIDS. Thanks, Edwards; you’re so smrt!

Obama rambles, saying that everything is connected. He then says we need universal healthcare.

The hideous troll, Kucinich, is next. He also wants universal healthcare. “We need to end for-profit healthcare,” he says, adding: “Michael Moore is right!”

Gravel still wants to end the drug war. I wonder what drug he’s on. I think I love him. He ends badly, though: “We need to end the war on drugs, which is ravishing your neighborhoods.” Yowch!

Dodd has a giant, pumpkin head. He needs to find a cure for that.

Tavis Smiley makes a Paris Hilton joke. The world collapses.

Clinton says there would be an outrage if AIDS affected primarily white women.

Biden wants a cure to alcoholism. “I got tested for AIDS, I know that Barack got tested for AIDS.” Um, is there something we should know about these two?

Oh, wait, Barrack is next. “I just want to make clear, I got tested with Michelle when we were in Africa.” Huh? Is AIDS airborne in Africa now?

Question: “Are the rich taxed at too low a rate?”

Golly, I wonder what the answers will be. Sheesh, I need to keep drinking. Oh, wait, Edwards still wants universal healthcare. He also thinks we need to honor work and not wealth. Whatever, Richie Rich.

Obama talks, and then Kucinich talks. Blah blah blah blah. War. Wealthy people. End war. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Gravel zings these mo fos. He wants to get rid of the income tax. Interesting.

Dodd is talking, his hair shimmering like the silken mane on a majestic mare.

Apparently, my computer is getting bored too, and it is now slowing to the point where I am having trouble hearing. I think the next question is about the African American prison population

*** I will fix spelling and grammar later.

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