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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

This is the dude who (allegedly) stole your Xbox

One of the perks of being a “media outlet” is that we’re privy to press releases from the Eugene Police Department, complete with mugshots. For example:

Adam Wayne Klunder, age 21, a campus area resident and who identified himself as a University of Oregon senior on a full academic scholarship, has been charged with one count of Burglary in the first degree and investigators are looking into additional charges as they begin to link the recovered property to additional burglaries.

Among the items found at his residence were “high ticket” articles such as several flat screen televisions, numerous laptops, iPods, and Xbox game systems.  Based on the property detectives believe Klunder may have been responsible for as many as 20 burglaries throughout the campus area, which occurred while students were on winter break.

  1. S Boyer says:

    As a gamer, and a fellow webfoot, I can tell you this. You can steal my stereo, steal my money, hell you can steal my sneakers; but if you even look at the xbox, you’re a dead man. You dont eat another mans fries, you dont mess around with another man’s woman, and you NEVER mess with a man’s video game. Rules to live by, ere, wisdom for the masses.

  2. Alpha says:

    Someone should just post his picture all over campus. Once people recognize him, I’m sure he will get the shit beaten out of him. It’s people like him that make life that much more of hassle.

  3. Jeff Ware says:

    I have a solution that would show him the error of his way: 20 hours of community service and 20 lashes a la Singapore after his trial day. No jail time required and we could skip the counseling for his crimes. No repeated arrests for failure to appear or pay his little fines. Much less expensive for us in these hard economic times. ……..It isn’t our justice system that sucks, it’s our perception of cruel and unusual punishment. Punishment works almost every time if it’s real.

  4. Dubya says:

    This is why I wish America would take the lead from China. He is merely misguided. A few years of hard work in prisi… I mean re-education camp out in the barren tundra could set him strait.

    In fact some on the demonstrators supporting terrorism in Gaza against Israeli’s could use a little R&R and camp happiness. They can throw rocks all day long. Yowza

  5. Nigel says:

    scum of the earth

  6. Gsim says:

    I bet he is a sociology major.

  7. Benjamin Franklin Prattelmeir says:

    Coffee cans full’o cash sonny!

  8. Bob says:

    Kiss you scholarship goodbye buddy.

  9. Benjamin Franklin Prattelmeir says:

    Foggy bottom indeed govnr’. Thanks Vincent for the insight into metonymy cognition. I wondered why I used to skipibus through Dumas and de’Toqueville!

  10. Vincent says:

    I think Benjamin just discovered The Chomskybot.

  11. Travis says:

    HAHAHAHA! Have fun in jail moron!

  12. Benjamin Franklin Prattelmeir says:

    Thieves rule the planet. Every time you spend your hard earned money do you know who and where the profits go? Diamonds for the misses? Lumber for the remodel? Designer clothes. The working poor of the world are being used to bring American consumers cheap prices on the frivolous trappings of affluence. An affluence that most do not possess.Now as we witness the meltdown of easy credit and watch the thieves use legal lying and government legalese to pilfer tax payers to bailout the thieves. Kill your television, the thieves are broadcasting. I am sure all of us has been a victim of flase advertising. What the product claims and what it actually delivers? Thieves sucks. And that sucking sound is the roar of billions of taxpayers dollars being siphoned for an illegal war and jingoistic programs of death and deception. Porkbarrel bailouts and lies from the most professional class of thieves the planets has ever saw. Our own government.From big oil to pharmaceuticals the thieves are crouched and waiting. Online phishing, identity thieves. As the old adage goes, “first your money, then your clothes!” P.S. Turn off the boob tube, Go to the library and read books about your current government, while you are still free.

  13. Chris says:

    Thieves suck.

  14. Vincent says:


  15. T says:

    Hire him as the Another Perspective columnist!

  16. Kai Davis says:

    What a fucking idiot.

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