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Study Says Marijuana Protects Your Brain From Alcohol


On doctor’s orders only.

A study was published today by the journal of Neurotoxicology and Teratology that says that smoking marijuana while binge drinking may actually help protect your precious little noggin.

The study set up three groups: binge drinkers, binge drinkers who puff the dragon, and a control group who did little or none of the drugs.

As expected, the binge-drinking-only group showed evidence of white matter damage in eight regions examined, as demonstrated by lower fractional anisotropy (FA) scores. But in a finding the researchers describe as “unexpected,” the binge-drinking/marijuana group had lower FA scores than the controls in only three of eight regions, and in seven regions the binge-drinking/marijuana group had higher scores — indicating less damage — than the binge drinkers who did not use marijuana.

This is great news for college students everywhere who want to get “crossed”. Unfortunately this may also be a dangerous path of justification for many a rambunctious partygoer. I guess now they can make an excuse for their excess that’s at least passable.

“Hey man, it’s science.”

  1. […] Studies also suggest that smoking marijuana while binge drinking can prevent some of the negative effects to the brain of the alcohol [34]. […]

  2. CJ Ciaramella says:

    It’s the “retarded commenters days of summer.”

  3. Vincent says:

    Why is it that seemingly 90% of the people leaving lately have been borderline illiterate?

  4. biZarrE cApitalizatiOn says:

    Media so damn Bias against Marijuana, I hated them.

  5. todd says:

    And yet we wont see this on the News because our Media is bias.

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