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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

College Democrats Vs. College Republicans at McKenzie Hall

Order of questioning has been decided by rock, paper, scissors. Click below for more.


Opening statements have commenced with heartfelt delivery, but we’re not allowed to clap. Who doesn’t love uncomfortable silence?


“We’ve come a long way, but we have a long way to go,” -Democrats at EVERY level


The debate kicks off with a back-and-forth on job creation. Republicans claim employment figures cited by democrats don’t reflect growth in the private sector which, according to them, is the most important. Democrat Ben Bowman says that promising growth actually has happened in both the private and public sector and that we need to stick with Ol’ Bama’s plan. Republicans emphasize the importance of small business growth and say entrepreneurs would have more incentive to invest and be competitive under Romney’s administration.


Debate shifts slightly away from just “Democrats vs. Republicans” and towards “Obama vs. Romney,” as personal traits and history are mentioned for each candidate, including Mrs. Romney’s car elevator.


“We’re at the University of Oregon and we all know we’re gonna vote for Obama anyway,” -Ben Bowman (D)


Topic turns to healthcare, ergo, Planned Parenthood, ergo, abortion, ergo, shit gets real.


Reliable sources have been utilized, for example, “Videos all over the internet.”


Moderator reminds the debaters that this discussion is not about the morality of abortion. Buzz kill.


Republican representative hesitates every time before saying “sex.”


Next topic: energy policy. Surprisingly more passionately delivered than the healthcare/abstinence/abortion debate.


Apparently Obama described his own energy policy as “hodge-podge.”


Republicans describe the red tape and other restrictions on domestic drilling. Democrats claim that increasing oil production even within the United States makes us less economically secure because it’s still feeding into an industry that is largely dominated by foreign powers.


College Republicans cite federal government’s failures in energy pursuits and say they should stick to funding research and development, leaving company funding to the private sector. Both parties agree that an alternative energy source is necessary in the near future but republicans remain silent when it comes to the issue of climate change.



Women are still payed roughly 3/4 what men are paid. Democrats say this is due to social inequality. Republicans say this is due to life choices, as women are more likely to choose jobs that pay that rate, have less upward mobility, and are more likely to take off work for children or to take care of family. Women are out of workforce for 27% of the time while men are out for 11%. College Republican President says, “Women make discriminating choices in labor market.” Democrats site a study that says, even after factoring in life choices, women make 91 cents when men make a dollar. Republicans say there’s only so much you can do with an opponent when they refuse to acknowledge the statistics you’ve presented. Everyone has their own numbers.


Before gay marriage debate: “Please respect my opinion, I know many of you will not agree with it,” -College Republicans


College Republican repeatedly says “enforcing gay marriage,” making it sound like the government will force people to have one.


“Every argument against gay marriage comes from religious doctrine…that’s not fair and that’s not just,” -College Democrats, reminding people of the separation between church and state. Republicans say marriage is not a right, it’s a choice, and therefore should be left to the states, not federal government. Democrats respond, reminding us that Mitt Romney wants to all-out ban gay marriage anyway. Democrats say the federal government shouldn’t stand for withholding rights in any part of the country. Democrats say this is discriminatory and that we (as a nation) will look back in 100 years and be embarrassed.  Republicans point out that marriage is constitutionally a state issue and that homosexuals that want to get married can go to states where they’re allowed. Democrats reiterate, “This is obviously a civil rights issue.” Republicans reiterate, “This is obviously a state issue.”


Debate opens up to audience questions.


Annnnnnd closing statements.


“Even if your audience disagrees with you it’s nice to know that there are people who care about the dialogue.” -College Republicans


Debate finished. Nice job everyone.