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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator


The Oregon Commentator is an independent journal of opinion published at the University of Oregon for the campus community. Founded by a group of concerned student journalists on September 27, 1983, the Commentator has had a major impact in the “war of ideas” on campus, providing students with an alternative to the left-wing orthodoxy promoted by other student publications, professors and student groups. During its twenty-six-year existence, it has enabled University students to hear both sides of issues. Our paper combines reporting with opinion, humor and feature articles. We have won national recognition for our commitment to journalistic excellence.

The Oregon Commentator is operated as a program of the Associated Students of the University of Oregon (ASUO) and is staffed solely by volunteer editors and writers. The paper is funded through student incidental fees, advertising revenue and private donations. We print a wide variety of material, but our main purpose is to show students that a political philosophy of conservatism, free thought and individual liberty is an intelligent way of looking at the world–contrary to what they might hear in classrooms and on campus. In general, editors of the Commentator share beliefs in the following:

  • We believe that the University should be a forum for rational and informed debate–instead of the current climate in which ideological dogma, political correctness, fashion and mob mentality interfere with academic pursuit.
  • We emphatically oppose totalitarianism and its apologists.
  • We believe that it is important for the University community to view the world realistically, intelligently, and above all, rationally.
  • We believe that any attempt to establish utopia is bound to meet with failure and, more often than not, disaster.
  • We believe that while it would be foolish to praise or agree mindlessly with everything our nation does, it is both ungrateful and dishonest not to acknowledge the tremendous blessings and benefits we receive as Americans.
  • We believe that free enterprise and economic growth, especially at the local level, provide the basis for a sound society.
  • We believe that the University is an important battleground in the “war of ideas” and that the outcome of political battles of the future are, to a large degree, being determined on campuses today.
  • We believe that a code of honor, integrity, pride and rationality are the fundamental characteristics for individual success.
  • Socialism guarantees the right to work. However, we believe that the right not to work is fundamental to individual liberty. Apathy is a human right.