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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

A Moment Of Clarity

PFC Sen. Colin Andries, considering the inevitable OSPIRG budget.:

“(The funds) just go to Portland, and they get to spend it as they please,” he said.

How true. Result? Increase of 14.6%, to $115,265. Does anybody care? Not particularly.

Also, documented here, the Survival Center’s request for additional stipend funds garnered the following response from Sen. Joe Snyder:

I would rather see a request for an increase in programming funds than a request to put more money in your pockets.

But the ODE informs us, with a hint of weary irony that I may just be imagining, that

During lengthy haggling by senate members, the executive controller suggested that a stipend increase for the Survival Center would be in line with what the PFC has done for similar organizations, such as OSPIRG…

Oh, I give up. Everyone can have all the money they want, and then we can all go out for free ice cream.

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