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OC Blog Switching to Movable Type

The Oregon Commentator weblog will probably go through some changes over the weekend as we switch our blogging client from Blogger to Movable Type. Blogger seems to have issues with our host, as posts sometimes don’t get published on our blog until hours after they were initially submitted. We’ve had many good days with Blogger, but there have been some bad days where posts written in the afternoon don’t get posted online until midnight (no matter how many times we click the “Publish” button in Blogger).

Additionally, the comment system by backBlog Pro (which is not free) occasionally goes down, and Movable Type provides its own comment system (which is free) that uses our host’s server instead of a third party’s. Movable Type also provides Trackbacks, which would allow us to let other Movable Type users know that we’re linking to one of their posts (like Michael J. Totten or World Wide Pablo).

When Movable Type gets installed on the website this weekend and everything seems to work fine, I’ll send out e-mails to current staffers and alumni to invite them onto the revamped weblog. Our Blogger archives will remain, along with the backBlog comments, but all new blog posts should be in Movable Type form.

So please be patient as our weblog goes through some growing pains in the next few days. We’ll try to keep the downtime, if any, to the evening hours (PST, of course).

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Sorry, the comment form is closed at this time.