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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Election Watch: Unbecoming Conduct Code Conference? Edition

Note: Election Watch is a new blog feature with which we’ll track the latest ASUO election developments. Please send any news/tidbits/press releases to

  • The ODE printed a guest commentary by Amy L. Higdon today. In it, Higdon repeatedly blasts Conduct Code Committee members Jared Axelrod, Mike Filippelli and Nick Hudson for a press conference they held on March 6. What neither Higdon nor the Emerald note is her involvement in the Mann/Grace campaign- she is dating Todd Mann and is listed as his Assistant Campaign Manager on Facebook. It should also be noted that Axelrod is running against Mann in the Executive race, Nick Hudson is dating Vice-Presidential candidate Amy DuFour and on his Facebook profile Filippelli lists himself as a supporter of the Axelrod/Guzman ticket. I don’t know about anyone else, but this piece strikes me more as political posturing than anything else.
  • Also in the ODE: a story by Senior News Reporter and Lincoln Franklin High basketball sensation Nick Wilbur on election deadlines and uncontested candidacies. If you’re at all interested in running for office just know that the deadline for signing up is March 22nd.
  1. Silly Rabbit says:

    Yes, it is Nate Gulley.

  2. Amy says:

    So, after reading some of the comments “Nate” has made, I am going to hope that “Nate” is not Nate Gulley. I met him onve and I really hope this isn’t his attitude for the campaign.

  3. Amy says:

    I believe Nate is “Nate Gulley” of the slate. If he’s not, then I stand corrected.

  4. Olly says:

    I don’t know who Nate is, but that’s certainly a novel way of campaigning.

  5. Ian says:


  6. Meghann says:

    um, hahaha?

    Who is this “Nate” character?

  7. Nate says:


  8. Meghann says:

    Screw facts; it’s time for Vishanoff.

    Connect the dots. Vote Vishanoff.

    Join the Facebook group now. Tell your friends.

  9. Olly says:

    Bah. C’mon, Tim, it’s election season! It’s time for FACTS!

  10. Miles Rost says:

    Ferget that. Just have a beer.

  11. Timothy says:

    One day I too will learn to read.

  12. Miles Rost says:

    Nick? I thought it was Nate that said that.

  13. Timothy says:

    Nick Nate: When you pay the hosting and domain registration charges for the Oregon Commentator website, feel free to post whatever you wish. As, currently, I am the person who pays for same, I feel pretty good about dictating the rules of behavior. Same as if you ever had cause to enter my abode, or my car. Except on the blog I won’t make you wear a tutu and tell me I look pretty.

  14. Olly says:

    For what it’s worth, I say bring on the manifestos and the propaganda and the attack ads and whatnot. This stuff is fun.

    However, JARED, JULIANA, and their FACTS are all going to have to do a lot more than that to overcome the one… the only… ladies and gentlemen, Zach Vishanoff as write-in candidate. Remember: Suite 4 is much smaller than Moss Street, and will be commensurately easier to defend.

  15. Silly Rabbit says:

    Oh. My. God.

    Kool-aid drinker at 4 o’clock…

    Nate, do you not know the first rule of private property? It means if you don’t follow the rules, you can get your IP Banned.

  16. Nate says:

    I thought that this Blog and the Commentator were places for opinions, comments, and anything remotely related to the U of O. My comments were not spam, they are the FACTS about this election! I’m sorry if I offended the other canadates who cant match Jared and Juliana.


  17. Miles Rost says:

    Hell, you won’t see me advertise a candidate on here.

  18. Jared says:

    Thanks for the support guys, but lets not get in the way of the more interesting blogging by Nick and Goward.

  19. HardCorps says:

    Uhh, that’s my platform..

  20. Timothy says:

    Stop spamming up my website with your propaganda, dipshits.

    I’ll let it go this time, but beware of my administrative abilities.

    You have been warned.

  21. HardCorps says:

    Jared cares. Yea, nice message. Here’s one for size:

    Dear Fellow Students,
    I am Andy Dolberg, and I want to share a vision of a better campus with you.
    Money is so tight these days during our education, and the ASUO makes it worse every single term. Right now the ASUO takes $192 dollars of your money every TERM and the vast majority of you never see any benefit. They call themselves the ASUO, but they don

  22. Nate says:


    Why? Because Jared cares about students and the campus community!! He has the experience, leadership, and good looks it takes to be President. Jared and Juliana are the only candidates that can save Westmoreland. Jared has great ASUO experience with as Chair of the PFC and Senate Ombudsman. And Jared and Juliana are going to make campus sustainable starting with bringing clean energy to the residence halls!!

    If you have any brains you will Vote JARED and JULIANA for ASUO EXEC!

  23. Miles Rost says:


    Ahhh, thank you for the insult that wasn’t.

  24. Timothy says:

    Vishanoff usually types, or at least he used to.

    And if I’d meant to imply you were in cahoots with the self-styled Moss Street Defender, Miles, I would’ve done so. Rather, I implied that you were the unibomber’s editor: twice the insult, really.

  25. Ian says:

    To be fair, does the spelling of Vishanoff’s name really matter? If it’s not scrawled in xeroxed manifesto form, it doesn’t really mean anything to me.

  26. Nick says:

    Next time I’ll check the minutes that said Dallas wasn’t there. But on the topic of getting the facts right, Zach’s last name is spelled V-i-s-h-a-n-o-f-f.

  27. HardCorps says:

    why won’t you hold our hands mommy?

  28. Miles Rost says:

    Tim, don’t you mean Zach Vischanoff?

  29. Ian says:

    Nick- Christ, I had it as Franklin but lost that draft when the server went down on Friday. Serves me right for not composing the post in Word to begin with.

    Meghann- Two people on our staff were intending to run, but since I’m not holding their hands and playing campaign manager, I don’t even know if they got their stuff in on time. I hope so, because the ASUO debates really aren’t anything special if there isn’t a half-naked belligerent drunk answering questions.

    David- Good to see you’re still among the living.

  30. Goward says:

    Jesus boys… lets be nice! How ever blatently true Nicks articals are… they are still honest, it just sucks some times when you are not doing your job, but then again, that isnt Nick’s fault either.

  31. Timothy says:

    As a former assistant editor-in-chief

    Editing Ted Kaczynski’s dispatches doesn’t count.

  32. Miles Rost says:

    That last sentence in the second paragraph was cut off. “I made certain that the numbers matched” was supposed to be the statement.

  33. Miles Rost says:

    Nick, it sounds like you’re letting someone with an agenda dictate your stories. You’re the reporter, you’re the investigator, you get the fact correct and not rely on a guy who left out important information.

    As a former assistant editor-in-chief, whenever a story came across my desk, I made certain that all the facts were found by the reporter before it was printed. I made sure to ask if he/she checked with this source first, to make certain that the numbers were correct. I made certain that the numbers.

    Unfortunately, you haven’t done that. Let it be a lesson that if you’re to become a serious reporter, you don’t pussyfoot through a potential firestorm of a story.

  34. Meghann says:

    You tell ’em, Nick.

    And Ian, I thought that was a pretty good snark. But seriously, is the OC running a joke candidate?

  35. Nick says:

    It is Senate Ombudsman Jared Axelrod’s “duty” (as prescribed by the GTN) to compile all data for senators’ duties. I collected meeting documentation from him following the completion of the EMU, ADFC and PFC budget and negotiation hearings. He later discovered that EMUB members confirmed Brown’s presence at the meetings, but said his name was not recorded in the minutes. The ODE is not ashamed to print corrections or clarifications, but this didn’t warrant one. It warrants a followup, which will come out the first week of spring term.

  36. Miles Rost says:

    Well, it would have been nice if you actually came down to the EMU Board office and talked with Rachel Ullstrom, the caretaker of our EMU Board meeting notes (as prescribed by law) in order to actually find out whether Dallas Brown (a good friend of mine) was at EMU Board meetings.

    Mr. Brown was at 2 of the 3 prescribed meetings, both taking place in the Fir Room and involving Club Sports and KWVA.

    Do more investigation, stop being lazy.

  37. Nick says:

    I only wish I graduated from Lincoln. Their school was the Hilton of high schools. I was at Motel 8.
    Thank you Goward for noticing that I’m white. Thank you Miles for saying that my articles aren’t “straight.” Please, though, clearify what you’re referring to — perhaps with an example of a not-so-straight fact or article. Accuracy is important to me and the “Ol’ Dirty staff.”

  38. Ian says:

    C’mon Meghann, you can snark better than that.

  39. Meghann says:

    Does the OC have a joke candidate this year?

    (Miles doesn’t count. He’s his own joke)

  40. Miles Rost says:

    Now if he could just get his stories straight…

  41. Goward says:

    Basketball star Nick Wilbur… I LOVE IT! Though, us in the office call him Casper because of his pale complexion.

  42. Miles Rost says:

    Want me to disclose my support? It’ll be a who’s who of who-dom.

    Who do you voodoo?

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