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Account of Sen. Nate Gulley’s harassment of Derek Nix

The following is the document sent to Sen. Lauren Zavrel, chair of the Personnel Committee, by Derek Nix about the confrontations between Nix and Sen. Nate Gulley, which led to Nix resigning from his post as Senate Administrative Assistant.

I contacted Gulley to verify the facts, but have not received a response about the facts. Zavrel said that Gulley admitted to her over the phone that he confronted Nix. This document has circulated around the ASUO, and to many candidates in the upcoming election. Nix asked Zavrel to not release this to the public. It is, however, a public document and cannot be withheld. 

Events leading up to 3/6/2008 (5:15pm)

A letter of events for Senator Lauren Zavrel, Personnel Committee Chair respectfully submitted by Derek Nix, Administrative Assistant upon Sen. Zavrel’s request. 

1. Tuesday, 3/4 12:51amA letter was sent to a campaign running in the upcoming ASUO elections as well as Senator Sarah Oaks regarding the Take Back Campus event hosted by the ASUO Executive and the Survival Center. Sen. Sarah Oaks received this email because she was originally advising the said campaign and was assisting the campaign through t-shirt design. This email was not intended for the eyes of the Senate and was intentionally sent to the Senate listserv via the Senate email by Sen. Sarah Oaks.  

2. Wednesday, 3/5 2:26pm The email mentioned above was sent to the Senate listserv via the Senate email account with no name attached as the sender all though there is only one possible sender who is named in the previous event’s statement. 

3. Wednesday, 3/5 about 6:45pm Sen. Nate Gulley approached Derek Nix, Administrative Assistant in the bottom floor of the EMU in the restrooms located across the hall from the computer lab. Sen. Gulley asked Derek Nix whether the email had originally been sent by him to the said campaign. Derek Nix replied in the positive and asked Sen. Gulley if he knew who the original sender of the “cut fat from PFC budget” was. Sen. Gulley said that he knew who had sent the first “phantom” email and upon being asked who it was said “It’s none of your f**king business.” For a witness of both parties being present in this location at this time, please contact Senator Samantha Brodey who visibly saw both parties at this time entering and exiting the restroom, being present in the said location at the same time.  

4. Wednesday, 3/5 about 10:50pm  Sen. Nate Gulley spoke about the email in Senate during committee updates. Anyone that this account would be forwarded to was present at the said meeting therefore there is no need to explain this event in detail. 

5. Thursday, 3/6 about 4:20pm to 4:40pm  Derek Nix left the Buzz in the EMU and began walking up the amphitheatre and upon running into Sen. Nate Gulley and Kari Herinckx, ignored all comments made by Sen. Gulley while continuing to walk to the bus stop in order to return home from campus. Sen. Gulley decided to walk with Derek Nix and began conversing with Derek Nix until they reached 13th between Lillis and Allen. Sen. Nate Gulley sat on the stone wall and continued to speak. Statements that Sen. Gulley said during the conversation were as follows; “I do not accept your apology, I don’t need it”, “the respect and professionalism are out the window now”, “I am going to make sure that I get you fired”, “If I were on your campaign I would disassociate myself from you in order to save the campaign”, “you are not an LGBTQA volunteer”, “you do not support ethnic studies, back off ethnic studies, you have never been to any meetings or events”, “If you threaten my friends then I will come after you”. While trying to converse with Sen. Gulley, Derek Nix attempted to apologize for the above events and asked if it were possible to remain professional while conversing. Sen. Gulley refused to remain professional and went as far as to threaten Derek Nix on more than one account at this time, one of which included a hand gesture implying physical damage. Sen. Gulley snapped his finger near Derek Nix’s ear in order to confirm that Derek Nix was listening to what he was saying on another account of physical aggression. To confirm the time, date and peoples of this conversation please contact Kari Herinckx who was present at confrontation and contact Sen. Kate Jones and Sen. Diego Hernandez who were present at the conclusion of this conversation.  

6. Thursday, 3/6 4:59pm  Derek Nix called Sen. Lauren Zavrel and inquired about the possibility of his extermination from the position of Administrative Assistant. Sen. Lauren Zavrel said that it would be up to the personnel committee and continued on to say that all conversations should be held in a professional location and on a professional basis. She then set up a meeting time for Friday, 3/7 with Derek Nix and requested that he bring this letter of events for which I, Derek Nix, submit to Sen. Lauren Zavrel and anyone thereafter that may need it as an account for recent events in the ASUO to be sent to them from Sen. Laruen Zavrel herself and no one else. This letter will be invalid if received by anyone other than Sen. Lauren Zavrel after the original submission by Derek Nix. 

7. Personal Attachment   I respectfully remind the Personnel Committee and Chair (and any others that this letter may be sent to by Sen. Lauren Zavrel) that what I do with my own time is not directly related to my position of Administrative Assistant. The accusations and basis of my possible extermination is not related to my duties and the requirements of the position I hold therefore there is no basis for my extermination from the ASUO Student Senate. If I am removed from my position I will be requesting written documentation of reason for my extermination and upon being given no solid reasons, the matter will become one of a legal court. Once again, I remind the body that my minutes have been detailed beyond any other past Administrative Assistant’s work. The scores given by the Personnel Committee last term reflect the work that I do for the Senate and should be taken into consideration when hearing this case. My personal life and my work as the Administrative Assistant are not the same and should not be considered so by anyone involved with the ASUO or by anyone who is not involved in the ASUO. The accusations against me are not as serious as the actions taken by the Senate body considering that my physical health has now been threatened by a member of the Senate and I no longer feel safe in such an unprofessional environment. Thank you.

  1. Rachel says:

    It looks like Nix took a shit on you, Nate Gulley. He didnt take a shit in the sand box. You are the one playing in the sand box and its about time you got out because this campus does not need your pety remarks representing the entire student body.

  2. daniels says:

    In response to “SERIOUSLY?”, ASUO should never be compared to “trying to play in the sandbox with big kids.” And getting your name in the Old Dirty does not constitute “15 minutes of fame.” I’m just sayin.

  3. Vincent says:

    I was just thinking that.

  4. Sean Jin says:

    I think Rumpelstiltskin worked, by the way.

  5. Vincent says:

    My view is that everything “Seriously?” says could be 100% true, and that still fails to answer some very basic questions about these allegations and whether or not Nate Gulley is fit to hold office.

  6. de lancie says:

    yes supertroopers. fuck yeah sean

  7. Concerned Student says:

    If there is one thing I have learned about politics it’s this:
    When misguided people(gulley) get called out for doing bad things(harassing not just nix but many MANY others as well), you can usually meter their guilt in whether their response is an acceptable justification for the charges against them, or if all they can do to defend themselves is question the intentions and merit of the person who spoke out to begin with. Clearly we see which has been presented, because there is not and could not be an acceptable justification for verbally harassing multiple senators and other ASUO staff, but also of down right DOUCHEBAGGERY! SHAME ON YOU NATE GULLEY, SHAME ON YOU, I hope you get a sunburn in hawaii

  8. Sean Jin says:

    I swear to God, I will pistol-whip the next person that says shenanigans!

  9. Seriously? says:

    So here is how I see it:

    NIx commits some sneaky, deceitful practices and gets publicly busted as a liar.

    He continues to peddle baseless accusations across campus to any and all media outlets that will listen to him, slamming the opposing campaign when and wherever possible (no such thing as bad publicity, eh?) in the process.

    Rather than admitting he was beat by failing to living up to not one but TWO of his campaign’s four principles, specifically to promote professionalism and transparency, and politely dropping out of the race (and he’s the one that wants to change the ASUO from practices he actually commits?), he continues to run dragging himself and all of his other running mates down with him. Seems like if they were smart, they would have kicked him out by now.

    I’m going to point out the elephant and say that Nate Gulley’s attack was the luckiest thing that ever happened to Derek. Taking attention away from his actual nature as a fraud (last week’s news), he can now play up his identity as a victim.

    It seems like the guy who wanted to play in the sand box with the big kids decided to take a big shit in it instead of earning his way into the club. At the very least, maybe he just wanted the fame and renown of being in politics (fetish for seeing your name in print?)? Looks like he got a great taste of the spotlight..

    When will the fame whoring end? Was the 15 minutes enough? I don’t know if I can stomach anymore NIx shenanigans in the future as a Senaor, he might beat out Gulley. OC–why give more attention to these people?

  10. Willy says:

    Oh shut up, willy is pissed now…

  11. Still needs Duct Tape says:

    Thats what Sen. Gully needs around his mouth!

  12. Jackson says:

    Thank you, Commentator.

    I have a final tomorrow, but your entertainment value is better than any grade I could hope for.

  13. Sean Jin says:

    Thanks, Vincent. I’ll need after the lashing I get from the MCC.

  14. Vincent says:

    In fact, that might be the most understatedly humorous things I’ve seen all day. Well played, sir.

  15. Vincent says:


    I don’t care what “I’m Back” says. You’re a funny guy.

  16. Sean Jin says:

    I’m Back,

    Are we playing a game kind of like Rumpelstiltskin, where when we figure out who you are, you disappear?

    My guess is Deb Frisch, in that case.

  17. Ossie says:

    Derek: I just sent you an e-mail on your uoregon account about how I got the document. It involves a six-iron, an inflatable doll and a half-rack of Schlitz Ice. (Not really.)

  18. Derek Nix says:

    “Im Back” – Why do you keep commenting on this blog if you believe that these people are not intelligent and you do not hold conversations with unintelligent people?

    Nate Gulley – STOP calling me a liar. You know that these events happened so stop denying them. You have a history of violence including a comment made earlier this year pretaining to the death of the Senate president and a threat to a certain Senator, one that I will not name for their own safety. Please stop being so immature. When I asked you if we could be professional and act with some respect during the said conversation you refused. Obviously you are unable to act in a professional manner which is not a quality that should be practiced by any student Senator.

    To the commentator – This document was sent to Sen. Zavrel with the expectation that it would only be given to her and the rest of the personnel committee, so my question to the commentator is how did you get this information? I appreciate this being public knowledge however, I would like to know how the oregon commentator obtained this document.

    To everyone commenting on this article – I appreciate your support but I would also appreciate professionalism when commenting. Please refrain from immature comments targeting certain individuals. These elections should be as clean as possible and I would appreciate everyone allowing them to occur in this manner.


  19. Willy says:

    ” Zavrel said that Gulley admitted to her over the phone that he confronted Nix. ”

    The “Nate” above must be fake because he already admitted it…

  20. Vincent says:

    Well, there’s no way to know for sure. If the “Nate” above is real, then it’s a pretty piss-poor defense. If it’s fake, then he really needs to work on getting some goons who can at least sock puppet in his defense a little better.

  21. Truthiness says:

    even if gulley deosnt own an iphone he coulda posted it from someone elses, but most likely he is too busy packing for hawaii to be writing on here

  22. Vincent says:

    # Sakaki Says:
    March 19th, 2008 at 1:11 pm

    Vincent: I believe the answer is yes.

    In response to the iPhone query?

    I wouldn’t necessarily bet my boots on it, but the IP address resolves to, which, if I’m not mistaken, is AT&T’s data service, and Apple has an exclusive deal with AT&T for iPhones at this point (again, if I’m not mistaken), so I guess there’s at least a reasonable chance that if Gulley does in fact have an iPhone, the self-identified “Nate” above, who seems to be posting from an IP that resolves to AT&T’s data service could be authentic.

    Which leads one to wonder why “Nix is a liar, and you’re all Republicans anyways” is all he could muster in his defense.

    Could it be that bluster is really all there is to offer at this point? I mean, if the allegations are true, then they should be pretty easy to refute, right?

  23. CJ Ciaramella says:

    “I heard Gulley was responsible for the tsunami

  24. Sakaki says:

    Vincent: I believe the answer is yes.

  25. Vincent says:



  26. Truthiness says:

    I heard Gulley was responsible for the tsunami’s a few years ago

  27. Vincent says:

    So far, no one’s done anything to refute these accusations, save to say what a great guy Gulley is and how lame Republicans are and how bad the Commentator is. Not exactly a rousing defense against some pretty serious charges.

    Incidentally, anyone know if Gulley has an iPhone? Because based on the IP, I’m guessing that’s what “Nate” above was using to post.

  28. Niedermeyer says:

    I’m shocked by all this.

    Shocked, I tell you.

  29. Willy says:

    Social Darwinism? Is this the 1800’s? Nobody believes in that trash, except maybe Democrats from the 1800’s…werent they the pro-slavery party back then?

  30. I'm Back... says:

    Such witty comebacks demonstrate your certain successes in the ASUO Sean. You really give intelligent people a good name (Note for idiot: sarcasm used).

  31. Sean Jin says:

    CJ, get me some ice, please.

  32. I'm Back... says:

    Sean…I only have a conversation with intelligent people, which you certainly are not. In fact, I feel less intelligent commenting on this pathetic excuse for a site, so I may just get off. BTW…social darwinism is a belief of the GOP which is insufficient for dealing with the modern age. Yes, I like socialized services. However, I wish people like you were excluded. Then, everyone would be happy.

    And the GOP should be called the “Christian New Reich”

  33. Guerra Sucks says:

    I hope gulley atleast sends “I’m back” a postcard from the rainbow meat factory his favorite club in maui.

  34. Sean Jin says:

    I’m back,

    “They suck” is not a very good answer to my question. So…if you actually care to have a conversation, maybe you could answer a little more intelligently.

  35. I'm Back... says:

    Not true…I could always complian about libertarians or just randomly target stupid individuals, such as yourself.

  36. Willy says:

    Oh Fo Sho! Nate will be making plenty of change when he cashes his check to go to Hawaii over the break. I can see him now running around on the beach knocking children’s sand castles down, what a jerk. I cannot believe he represents me in anyway, he is just a little power crazed brat who uses the student body to make himself feel powerful. Speaking of idiots, Jim your a true loser, if you didnt have republicans around then you would not have anything to whine about. Grow up and make an argument.

  37. Sakaki says:

    The only positive change he makes is the money he gives back to me when I order 3 Sausage McMuffins and pay him 4 dollars for them.

  38. I'm back... says:

    Nate Gulley is one helluva senator, give him some respect. Instead of whining like you. He makes positive change, so kudos to you Nate. What have any of you done lately?

    ~ Courtesy of ‘Jim’

    P.S. Republicans suck. That’s what is wrong with them Sean.

  39. Sakaki says:

    Typical Nate Gulley.

    One day, his just desserts will come to him, and he won’t be able to respond with a snap in the ear.

  40. ThunderLove says:

    Gulley calls himself a senator. Shame on him.
    quick list your favorite part. i personally like the snapping in the ear.

  41. Sean Jin says:

    You say Republican like it’s a bad thing.

  42. CJ Ciaramella says:

    Well, if this is really Gulley, we emailed you asking for a response a couple days ago. Maybe you should check your inbox more often.

  43. Nate says:

    This is a lie! Derek Nix is a liar. Nobody should believe what has been posted here. This goes to show how irresponsible the Oregon commentator is. You guys are a longstanding republican rag on campus. This is shameful, I cannot believe you guys consider yourselves journalists. Shame on you.

  44. CJ Ciaramella says:

    Actually, Vincent, I think you just answered your own question.

  45. Vincent says:

    It becomes clearer and clearer every day that Nate Gulley is an egomaniacal thug with no respect for his position or colleagues. Why is this disgrace still representing students on this campus?

  46. Guerra Sucks says:

    Gulley got ASUO senate to give him $800 to go to Hawaii for Spring Break to “attend a meeting”, all from the incidental fund. What do you think of that neidermeyer

  47. PRO-ETH(n)IC STUDIES says:

    It just occured to me, is this the same Kate Jones who is running for Senate that was going to write ethics reform? ironic

  48. WOW says:

    Wow this is truly incredible. This behavior along with several other similar accounts amounts to menacing behavior, punishable by conduct code and the ORS. Based on Gulley’s behavior from last year, and previous incidents as well, it’s hard to discredit Nix’s account since these situations have one thing in common: NATE GULLEY. Wow this really saddens me actually to see such tension.

  49. Demand ETHICS Now! says:

    Kari Herinckx, Kate Jones, Diego Hernandez watched Rock The Yellow campaign volunteer Nate Gulley harass a fellow student and did nothing about it? Who are these people? Talk about a need for ethics reform…

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