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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator


Founded Sept. 27, 1983
Member Collegiate Network

Martin “The Swede” Hallström

Alumni Advisory Board
Charles H. Deister ‘92, R.S.D. Wederquist ‘92
Ed Carson ‘94, Mark Hemingway ‘98, William Beutler ‘02
Tim Dreier ‘04, Olly Ruff ‘05, Tyler Graf ’05

Board of Trustees
Richard Burr, Dane Claussen, Thomas Mann, Scott Camp, Owen Brennan

The Oregon Commentator is an independent journal of opinion. All signed essays and commentaries herein represent the opinions of the writers and not necessarily the opinions of the magazine or its staff. The Commentator is an independent publication and the Oregon Commentator Publishing Co., Inc. is an independent corporation; neither are affiliated with the University of Oregon nor its School of Journalism. And, contrary to popular, paranoid opinion, we are in no way affiliated with either the CIA or the FBI, or the Council on Foreign Relations.

The Oregon Commentator accepts letters to the editor and commentaries from students, faculty and staff at the University of Oregon, or anyone else for that matter. Letters and commentaries may be submitted personally to Room 319 EMU or placed in our mailbox in Suite 4 EMU; mailed to University of Oregon, Suite 4, Eugene, OR, 97403; or emailed to [email protected].

We reserve the right to edit material we find obscene, libelous, inappropriate or lengthy. We are not obliged to print anything that does not suit us. Unsolicited material will not be returned unless accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Submission constitutes testimony as to the accuracy.

E-mails sent to individual authors that are directly related to the Oregon Commentator may be reused by the Commentator as it sees fit.