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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Volume I: 1983-1984

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Issue I: Radical Moderation

Issue III: The Anticipated Confrontation

Issue IV: Observing Europe

Issue V: Revisiting Orwell’s Past, Not 1984

Issue VI: West Bank: ‘Land Without Compassion’

Issue VII: Intolerance Meets its Match: Intolerance

Issue VIII: Professors Helping to Remake Globe

Issue IX: ‘Is it True or is it Trudeau?’

Issue X: Buckley, Clark Ponder Liberal Decline

Issue XI: Evangelists Arouse Student Emotions

Issue XII: Is 1960s-Style Activism Dying?

Issue XIII: Alienated SPA May Dampen Davis’ Victory

Issue XIV: Hart Emphasizes Generation Gap in Eugene Stop

Issue XV: What’s Wrong with the Emerald?