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Volume XIX: 2001-2002


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Back to the Booze 2001 (.pdf)
Issue I: Back to the Booze 2001
Survival Guide, OC Bar Guide


Under the Rug (.pdf)
Issue II: Under the Rug
ASUO Scandal, Senator Grievance, Campus Parking


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (.pdf)
Issue III: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Campus Activist Bruce Miller, Saferide, Dorm MP3 Pirating


Fall in Line (.pdf)
Issue IV: Fall in Line
Fiesta Bowl, Grayson Hall Scandal, NightRide


Elections 2002 (.pdf)
Issue VI: Elections 2002
ASUO Elections, ‘Rape Culture,’ ASUO Executive


Mark It Zero (.pdf)
Issue VII & VIII: Mark It Zero
GTF Union, ‘Rape Culture’ II, Legal Drug Use


Mascot Madness (.pdf)
Issue IX: Mascot Madness
PC Mascots, Graduation Pledge


High and Dry (.pdf)
Issue X: High and Dry
Dry Fraternities, Midgets, Crime/Pot, 13th Street History


Hate 2002 Part 1 (.pdf)

Hate 2002 Part 2 (.pdf)
Issue XI & XII: Hate 2002 (2 Parts)


Tater Awards/Summer Issue 2002 (.pdf)
Issue XIII, XIV & XV: Tater Awards/Summer Issue 2002
Year in Review, Goodbyes, RIP Michael Rust