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Volume XX: 2002-2003


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Back to the Booze 2002 (.pdf)
Issue I: Back to the Booze 2002
Survival Guide, OC Bar Almanac


Branded (.pdf)
Issue II: Branded
UofO Logo Debate, Oregon State Elections


The Mini Issue (.pdf)
Issue III: The Mini Issue
KUGN Radio/Savage Nation Debate


What Happened To All My @%*#! Money? (.pdf)
Issue IV & V: What Happened To All My @%*#! Money?
Incidental Fee Analysis, UofO Logo Debate, RAs


The Future Issue (.pdf)
Issue VI: The Future Issue
Flying Cars, Lightsabers and Cheap Booze


UO Athletics Issue (.pdf)
Issue VII & VIII: UO Athletics Issue
Nike Pays Off Pit Crew, Ticket Subsidy, New Mascot


Bowler Hat Issue (.pdf)
Issue IX: Bowler Hat Issue
OSPIRG Hearings, Measure 28, The French


ASUO Elections 2003 (.pdf)
Issue X: ASUO Elections 2003
ASUO Elections, OSPIRG’s University Contract


Athletic Department Fund Misuse (.pdf)
Issue XI: Athletic Department Fund Misuse
OC Invades Daily Emerald, EMU Renovation, Affirmative Action at UofO


Athletic Department Fund Misuse (.pdf)
Issue XII & XIII: Hate 2003


OC News Supplement (.pdf)
OC News Supplement
Emerald Cover-up, LGBTQA Agenda


Summer Issue/Tater Awards (.pdf)
Issue XIV & XV: Summer Issue/Tater Awards
Year in Review, Best of the OC, End of an Era