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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Volume XXI: 2003-2004


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Back to the Booze 2003 (.pdf)
Issue I: Back to the Booze 2003
Bar Guide, Choose a Major, Survival Guide


Busted! (.pdf)
Issue II: Busted!
SafeRide, Tuition Hikes, Budget Woes, Minimum Wage


The Libertarian Issue (.pdf)
Issue III: The Libertarian Issue
Free State Project, MADD, Guns, UO and the CIA


Why God Why? (.pdf)
Issue IV & V: Why God Why?
Tax Measure, Speech Codes, Life as an Insurgent, Snow!


The Mini Issue (.pdf)
Issue VI: The Mini Issue
Student Unions, Hobo Living


Held Hostage! (.pdf)
Issue VII & VIII: Held Hostage!
The OLCC, Concealed Carry, Campus Cash, Oregon’s Budget and States’ Rights


Elections 2004 (.pdf)
Issue IX & X: Elections 2004
Candidate Interviews, Campus Parking and Snoop Dogg 4 Prez


This Is The Enemy (.pdf)
Issue XI: This Is The Enemy
Conduct Code, Elections Wrap-Up, Boobies


Hate 2004 (.pdf)
Issue XII & XIII: Hate 2004


Summer Issue/Tater Awards (.pdf)
Issue XIV & XV: Summer Issue/Tater Awards