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Archive for March, 2003

March 18th, 2003 by Chris

What’s Your Porn Name?

Who remembers the “Smothers Brother’s Comedy Hour”? No one right. It was before our time. But now we have a chance to see Dick Smothers Jr., son of one of the original brothers in his own form of entertainment. Don’t worry, this link just sends you to CNN.

March 18th, 2003 by Timothy

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Former President Clinton wrote this in the Guardian today. It’s actually a fairly interesting piece on the role of Blair in the Iraq situation. It gets a little Anglophylic toward the end, but as a whole it’s a good read. This is why he’s only the second worst President we’ve ever had. Carter’s the worst, just in case you were wondering.

And, from Sullivan, things like this are why we must depose Saddam.

March 18th, 2003 by Zach

So That’s Where My Money Went

March 17th, 2003 by pete

Suge Knight—War Hawk

Caught this little bit of goodness on NRO

“…West Coast gangsta-rap impresario Suge Knight, having just been released from prison, was on the Jimmy Kimmel late-night talk show. And more than once, Suge mentioned that he supported the president and our country and our fight. He also emphasized that he was an American, and not a hyphenated African-American. . . . Rap mogul and admitted thug Marion ‘Suge’ Knight, new conservative hero?”

March 17th, 2003 by Sho

More news from the war front.

A.K. Breniman e-mailed us this link about Saddam arming his troops with chemical weapons. I love this quote from Saddam talking in the third person:

“When Saddam Hussein says he has no weapons of mass destruction, he means what he says,” Saddam said.

March 17th, 2003 by Sho

More Emerald bashing

It looks like at least one group is pissed off at the Emerald for being labeled as a possible suspect in the theft of Commentator issues.

March 17th, 2003 by Chris

Kleckner, a Fountain of Disappointment

Yet again, Kleckner has let me down. I’ve become rather used to it though, through the course of the year. His commitment to being an unbiased editor has yet to be fulfilled. And on a side-note, that editorial also discusses the departure of a notorious Pat Payne. According to the Kleck, Payne had a fountain of historical knowledge and had a unique sense of humor. If by unique he meant unintelligent and not funny, then I agree.

Oh, and the entire Smart saga has sunk to a new low. I don’t quite understand why they would even consider the idea. Sure you get mounds of money, but I would personally spend my time reconciling with my daughter and figuring out what happened exactly in the span of those six months(?). And besides, if someone steals the story, you can always sue them.

March 17th, 2003 by Timothy

It’s Not The Messiah-Fish, But It’ll Do.

London: Oil Exchange trading suspended due to protester invasion.

Speaking of shutting down commerce, a friend of mine was at the Portland “peace” rally this weekend. Apparently there were some yahoos handing out fliers telling people to go into Nordstrom on Broadway as “customers” and make life hell for the stockboys by unfolding all the merchandise and leaving it in the dressing rooms, near the register, etc. Having worked stock at that very store, I can say with certainty that doing that will not hurt the “corporation,” but instead will make the stock folks have a crappy day, so much for looking out for the little guy. My friend and I did agree on one thing, though, police need better training in crowd control.

Also From London: apparently Tony Blair is getting chubby, I’m sorry, but I cannot love a fat man.

John Kerry cannot even figure out his own lineage. I feel for the guy, he just seems so confused all the time.

Lastly, Happy St. Patrick’s Day, the Dow is Up.

March 16th, 2003 by Chris

Purge the PIRGs from the world

You guys might find the following article of interest. Fox news did a piece on PIRGs. Have fun reading guys, and remember, fight the power!

March 16th, 2003 by Brett

Jesus, Fish???

It seems a fish recently began yelling biblical prophecies of doom at two unsuspecting fisherman. In a perfectly natural response to both talking fish and bible thumpers, they beheaded it. Heathens 1, Jesus 0.

Oh, those wine swilling, stinking bastards the Frenchies–what do they really want? A bigger piece of the global pie and a little cultural domination, says this NBC article .

Best quote: “As one expert on European politics recently noted, the cause of our conflict with France is not a result of what the United States has done that is wrong. Rather, it is a French reaction to what America has done right.”

I’m having trouble with the link feature right now, so if the links don’t show up, go to,6903,915125,00.html for the fish, and

here: for the Frogs.

March 16th, 2003 by Timothy

I Will Never Read Newsweek Again…

Not that I’ve read it in the past few years, but Why America Scares The World is the final straw. How is it that the US is alone in its Iraq policy if most of Europe (close to two dozen nations), Austrailia and other parts of the world are with us? Why is the motivation for Franco-German obstruction not examined? I’ll give you a hint, the French and German motivation for wanting Saddam to stay in power begins with O and ends with IL Contracts. Newsweek has just killed what was left of its credibility as a news source. (whoops, Bret has the same thing below, I guess we got different things out of it)

March 16th, 2003 by Kelly

How solid is your grasp of globalization and its effects? The Economist offers a sassy, Seventeen Magazine style quiz to let you know….the Diversion Section in general offers lots of wry, British fun…

March 16th, 2003 by Bret


The ASUO elections have already turned absurd, as exec candidate Maddie Melton’s house was broken into. The bitch of it all is that the first thing she assumes is that it’s motivated because she’s a lesbian. The article:

Melton said she believes Thursday’s crime may have happened because of her sexual orientation or because of her increased political activity. What’s more worrisome, Melton says: “Someone doesn’t have to write ‘Die dyke’ on the wall for it to be a hate crime.” I wasn’t going to hit on this until the Hate issue, but if someone is already willing to label a B&E misdemeanor a “hate crime” simply because the victim is a popular minority group, then things are getting even further out of hand than I thought. Melton is one of seven ASUO exec candidates in the primary.

Also: Fareed Zakaria has a provocative piece on the Bush foreign diplomacy mistake. It is highly critical, and very long, but well worth the read. You’ll probably even agree with the underlying sentiment.

A quick side note: In the story the ASUO elections coordinator used the commonly abused term “breaking and entering.” Kids, always remember it’s “breaking an entering” and “eat your cake and have it too.” Otherwise you’re just sticking one more dagger into our common lexicon.

March 15th, 2003 by Timothy

The Old Will Not Die

At least not according to this WoPo story. I guess this means that by the time I’m getting up there in age there will be some way to live forever. I’d really only like that if I could roam around the earth cutting off the heads of other immortals.

March 15th, 2003 by Bret

Anything’s Better Than Tyranny

I missed this Michael Kelly column from a while back, but it is a key argument in the debate over whether people should be comfortable with America invading Iraq. Olly, for one, has historical concerns and seems to worry about whether the rosiest forecasts will indeed come true. Those are great concerns, but the Kelly column makes very powerfully the case that anything is still better than what the Kuwaitis went through 12 years ago and the Iraqi population has gone through for about 30.

Sho: Is there any word yet on whether or not peer-to-peer sexual intercourse supports terrorism? Somebody better look into that …