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Archive for June, 2003

June 9th, 2003 by olly

On Sarcasm Isn’t That Hard, Folks:

One thing we have seen time and again on the Commentary page is that some people just don’t get it. Sarcasm isn’t that hard, folks. Take another English class or something, and ask your professor ’bout it.

Emerald editorial board, June 9, 2003. Couldn’t agree more. However:

The context of the [Oregon Commentator] is always unclear — when are the writers doing parody, and when are they being serious? No one can know.

Emerald editorial board, March 13, 2003. But… which do they mean? It’s impossible to tell!

June 7th, 2003 by Bret

All Politics Is Local

It seems from at least two different ODE sources that the paper’s staff is under the impression that we went about investigating their disgusting news choices through unethical means. That being the furthest thing from the truth, take a guess who might have started spinning this one.

June 6th, 2003 by wwb

How “flaggy” is your favorite candidate’s website?

(Scroll down to the bottom of the page.)

June 6th, 2003 by Bret

Via InstaPundit: French Critiques of French Foreign Policy. Oui. And, They Don’t Hate Us As Much As We Thought.

UPDATE: Apply online to be Blazers President. No shit, the job is actually posted online. This thing is spiraling out of control. There’s a column about what a damn debacle the whole ordeal is. Rip City!

June 5th, 2003 by Sho

Re: I Hate Bloggers

This comic pretty much sums up how I view the Emerald’s attempt at blogging. Their ‘blogs’ (actually online journals) have been inactive for months. Blogs are dandy, but sometimes the self-importance of many bloggers can become fairly irritating. By the way, if you haven’t read Achewood, you should, because it’s the best damn comic since Bloom County.

June 5th, 2003 by Timothy


I know it’s been posted all over the internet already, but DING DONG RAINES IS DONE.

June 5th, 2003 by Sho

In non-political news…

Because we’ve come down hard on those Dance Dance Revolution players, I think this guide to “Getting to Know Your DDR Dancers” is quite relevant and entertaining.

Also, the American Film Institute has published its list of the Top 100 Movie Heroes and Villains. The list of 400 nominees is also worth a glance to see the variety of characters that were suggested, such as the zombies from ‘Night of the Living Dead’ and the birds from, well, ‘The Birds.’

All I can say about the #1 hero is that he’s not as noble as everyone thinks he is (old link: you’ve probably read this, but it’s still hilarious). And really, he’s no Last Action Hero.

June 4th, 2003 by pete

Now on Pay-Per-View

The O’Reilly/ Franken bout is available online. It’s kind of long though, and I don’t where the good parts are….

June 4th, 2003 by pete

In the land of milk and honey

A US brothel is offering free sex to US troops who took part in the war against Iraq to thank them for their endeavours abroad.

June 4th, 2003 by olly


June 4th, 2003 by pete

Really enjoyed this piece by Hugh Hewitt in the Weekly Standard on the power of blogging, and how the “Big 4” might change the course of the next election. I’m not entirely sold by his pitch, but it’s a good read.

June 3rd, 2003 by Bret

News Supplement Out

The new eight-page OC news supplement is out, and it’s a doozy. The ODE intentionally slanted a story of a student’s death to include the LGTB agenda, and more. Available immediately for reading in pdf or html, the print issue should be out in a day or two. Please take a look over it — you’ll never look at the Emerald the same way again.

June 3rd, 2003 by pete

Has the era of privatized space travel begun? Gregg Easterbrook says yes.

June 3rd, 2003 by pete


Unused audio commentary by Dinseh D’Souza and Ann Coulter recorded Spring 2003 for Aliens Special Red-State Edition DVD. From—where else?— McSweeney’s.


D’SOUZA: Ripley’s got a little bit of … you know, she looks like the head of a woman’s studies department.

COULTER: I violently disagree. Ripley is slightly mannish. But that’s her right as a woman. Look at Barbara Bush. Mannish women are often better soldiers. Let’s talk about this scene, though, this fantastic boardroom scene, in which the board members discuss with Ripley the Corporation’s alien policy. Two things. We see that Ripley is 1) a take-charge woman but certainly not a whining feminist, and 2) completely unrepentant about the destruction of the alien in the first film. If certain cultures — for example, the alien’s — are going to be hostile to your own, then they have to be either Christianized or destroyed.

June 2nd, 2003 by Sho

From The Stranger:

And you thought the Gateway Mall was bad.