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Archive for November, 2002

What A Cox

November 30th, 2002 by Bret

I missed this, as others may have. Libertarian Tom Cox wrote to the Oregonian about ways Mannix could’ve used Libertarians to assault Kulongoski’s left flank and run a smarter campaign. Interesting read.Bret

November 30th, 2002 by Timothy

If you have to be held hostage by bees, this is the place to do it

This man is obviously an idiot.

And, just in case you had some burning desire to know, Eric Bailey is still around.

Also, our housing tag hasn’t gotten back to me yet about when we can get keys for the new office and everything, I’ll email her again today.

Happy Thanksgiving

Eugene Makes Drudge

November 29th, 2002 by Bret

An anti-war letter signed by Eugene City Councilors hit the web’s biggest portal. If anyone is interested, most experts would not call Eugene’s effort to portray the area as reasonable, happy place to live a complete success.Bret

November 29th, 2002 by wwb


Really, would you expect anything else from the Ol’ Dirty Emerald?

Take this, from Ben Fuchs’ abysmal 11/27 “Declaration of cultural war” Emerald article: English prof. Linda Kintz, “a native of Texas, said many prominent Southern politicians, such as Mississippi native and Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, have been tied to historically racist organizations and have helped pass what she said were fundamentally racist policies.


See here as the Washington Post tries to make a story out of very little.

Second, direct your browsers to the Senate page of this former KKK member.

Sen. Lott: Republican. Rightist.

Sen. Byrd: Democrat. Leftist.

Surely this couldn’t have informed Prof. Kintz’s choice of targets. Could it?

Man Beats Nature

November 26th, 2002 by Timothy

Man Defeats Nature film at 11.

The Fucking NYT …

November 26th, 2002 by Bret

Offers the “results” of a poll that shows Bush doesn’t have a mandate and shouldn’t overreach his policies. While they freely offer their analysis, they do not offer many of the actual numbers and offer none of the questions asked. God bless Howell Raines and his role as a social activist.Bret

November 26th, 2002 by Sho

Record an episode of “Will and Grace” on your TiVo, and your TiVo will probably assume you’re gay. You’ll have to counter this by watching a lot of episodes of “The Man Show” and “Wild on E!”

Personally, I wouldn’t have a problem with watching Brooke Burke for a few hours every day.

November 25th, 2002 by Sho

Now open for your perusal, The OC Online Store! Available for purchase are t-shirts, mugs and other OC-themed items. To be fair, I’ve heard that (our printer and distributer) doesn’t do a great job with printing on clothing. The mugs, however, are supposed to be just fine. We felt that offering a variety of items is for the best. How can you go wrong with an OC thong?

Update: The prices featured on the store website are the lowest possible. We will not be making a profit off of any of the items. We plan to raise prices by a few dollars when we figure out the tax paperwork, which will probably take a very long time. Therefore, enjoy the low prices while you can!

November 25th, 2002 by Owen

Do you remember your first blog? Well, I hope it was painful. Here’s mine …. a story that should illustrate why the poopie heads of Eugene will always be poopie heads

Stuck With The Bill …

November 25th, 2002 by Bret

O’Reilly’s latest column hits on an area covered by Pete in the latest issue. He outlines how CPB bleeding heart Bill Moyers makes a profit off public broadcasting.

November 23rd, 2002 by wwb

Remember when Michael Moore used to be funny? No? Remember what it was like before he became a hypocritcal asshole? Well, same here.

In any case: remember, now, what it was like before he was caught revising his own history.

From Wired: “The irony of Moore –- who ambushes executives and politicians on film with their own statements — apparently trying to erase his own words was too rich even for some of his fans.”

Link via Instapundit.

Bill Simmons on Augusta

November 22nd, 2002 by pete

Bill Simmons occasionally comes off an aging frat guy who still gets his jollies snapping towels in the locker room, but I think he’s onto something here.

Agree or not, he really nails down the Augusta controversy. “Equality” in sports is a myth.

OC Beats UO on Logo Policy

November 22nd, 2002 by Bret

The Commentator won its fight with the UO over mandatory inclusion of the new marketing logo. The Guard has a good story. Of course, look first to the new issue.Bret

New OC Issue

November 21st, 2002 by Sho

Four days before its street date, Issue Three is now online and rarin’ to go. Inside is an fresh update on the Oregon “O” logo debate.

Photo Radar

November 21st, 2002 by Sho

Looks like photo radar is going to remain in Portland. Yay for that.