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Archive for September, 2007

Promises Made, Forgotten, Remembered

September 1st, 2007 by Timothy

Earlier in the summer I promised Professor Harbaugh that I would mention the economics summer camp that he and a few other professors from the economics department have been putting on for the last couple of years. This year SAIL was even more successful than the 2006 version and appears to be headed toward an even more expansive program going forward.

The program takes smart, low-income kids and brings them to study interesting topics at UO to give them a taste of what college is like, to get them interested in learning, and hopefully make them think about college. Rather than the sort of petty lip-service that often gets paid to helping poor, smart kids, these guys are actually doing something meaningful. I’m a fool for not posting this while the camp was in session, but they’re taking donations for next year.

Donations: This link takes you to the UO Foundation, where you can make a tax-deductible charitable donation earmarked for the SAIL program. Go to the 4th box down and enter “Economics Summer Camp Program” where it says “other”.

It costs roughly $50 to send a kid through the program, including meals, so even small donations can be a big help. For information about volunteering or questions you can contact either Professor Bill Harbaugh or Professor Bruce Blonigen in the UO Economics department.