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Archive for December, 2002

December 13th, 2002 by olly

This may have been mentioned already, but I think an endorsement is in order.

And in the “Trent Lott: What’s Not To Like?” column, shall we say: if you like the guy on C-SPAN, you’ll love him on the 700 Club.

Greetings from England, all.

December 12th, 2002 by Timothy

Love Thy Junkie

Today’s Register Guard wants us to take pity on poor, misunderstood junkies. Apparently these people, through no fault of their own, are forced to wander the streets in search of drugs or go to methadone clinics that are facing cuts. I guess we’ll just have to raise our own taxes and throw more money at the problem. Gee wiz.

Jimmy Goes To Hollywood

If you guys missed the link on Drudge, Jimmy Carter is offering to mediate peace talks between Isreal and Palestine. If this goes as well as that whole North Korea thing did, in 2006 they’ll reveal that they’ve secretly been killing each other for years.

And to think that the Democrats hate being called “obstructionist”.

And this is what you get for being a vegan fruit-bag.

December 11th, 2002 by pete


We need a team that can beat L.A., not women and the justice system.

A picture is worth a thousand words, or in this case 17. Fans in Portland are getting pissed, and their most venomous words are reserved for “Trader” Bob Whitsitt.

Remember Brian Grant and Jermaine O’Neal? Remember Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals? Remember that incredible series against Utah?

Neither do I.

Also, in case you missed the link off of Sullivan, check out this great story on student unrest in Iran.

Finally, do yourself a favor and immediately go to Good stuff.


December 11th, 2002 by wwb


Did you hear what Trent Lott said last week?

“I want be like this ’bout my state: When Strom Thurmond ran fo’ president, we voted fo’ tha dude’s ass n’ shit. We’re proud of that shiznit. And if da rest of da country had followed izzle lead, we wouldn’t has had izzall these problems over izzall these years, either n’ shit. “

December 11th, 2002 by Sho

Thanks to Bret PDFing Quark files, we’ve added several more issues in the archive. Sit back with a drink and relive the old days!

December 10th, 2002 by olly

I was going to post something substantive in response to Bill’s comments, but I was distracted by the new editorial direction.

December 9th, 2002 by Timothy

Well, it turns out that the EU is more totalitarian than anyone wanted to believe. I guess they’ll have to take some hints from China on blocking websites that it finds “offensive.” To think, my only beef up until now was the Euro.

December 9th, 2002 by wwb

Gee, thanks a lot, Trent.

Last week, I defended presumptive Majority Leader Trent Lott from accusations of racism by a UO prof, as repeated by the Ol’ Dirty.

Less than a week later, at Strom Thurmond’s 100th birthday party, Lott says this: “I want to say this about my state: When Strom Thurmond ran for president, we voted for him. We’re proud of it. And if the rest of the country had followed our lead, we wouldn’t have had all these problems over all these years, either. ” Live on C-SPAN, no less.

Well, I’m not going to change my statement, because the fact that Democrat Robert Byrd goes unremarked as a bigot while Republicans are rebuked (in this case, rightly) is no less true now than then. However, this does remind me of why some say they will vote for a cause, but not a person. Or why you don’t name a building after someone who is still alive.

On another note, Instapundit‘s Glenn Reynolds, Andrew Sullivan and the blogosphere at large have been debating this thing all weekend. Most of the debate centers on whether the GOP should kick Lott to the curb. Meanwhile, the New York Times, the Democrats, and various leftish websites (Democratic Underground to name one) are all mysteriously silent.

UPDATE ONE: Okay, DU does mention it, but it’s buried in a list of other, apparently equally offensive conservatives — like the Wall Street Journal, who (gasp!) want a flatter income tax.

UPDATE TWO: I’m with Frum on this.

December 9th, 2002 by Timothy

This story from Newsweek reminds me why I stopped reading both it and Time. The whole article reads like bay Connie Chung interview. Makes me ill. In other news Iraq has admitted to having begun work on a nuclear bomb. That’s probably all the evidence we really need, but of course the UN will want to delay, interesting the Washington Post article doesn’t mention that until the very end of the story and the New York Times sort of glosses things over. Not surprising, really, but disappointing anyway.

December 6th, 2002 by Sho

Ann Landers and Isaac Newton

Dan Savage now owns Ann Landers’ desk. He also proposes that the U.S. go after Saudi Arabia. Here’s this week’s Savage Love.


Rational thought in the Emerald’s editorial page? Well, not really, but at least we can find sensible views on Iraq in the letters to the editor. Looks like some physics grad students at the UofO have a good grasp on reality, unlike certain Emerald columnists.

December 6th, 2002 by wwb

What if we’re just like them?

“We are not saying that all Christians are behind these killings of Saudi citizens,” Ambassador Bandar remarked, “but there is a particular strain of Falwellabism abroad that seems to incite and enrage the criminally minded — and operates with apparent impunity right under the noses of the American government.”

Victor Davis Hanson’s best column in … well, a couple of weeks, at any rate.

December 6th, 2002 by Bret

From Our Colleagues

I don’t normally like the Cornell Review, but I came across a great article on the fallacies of affirmative action. Definitely worth a quick perusal, although I wouldn’t venture too far beyond that path lest you get drawn into a pit of boring shit.

December 5th, 2002 by pete

“Only the disenchanted citizens of the Soviet bloc could kill Marx; only Muslims fed up that their faith is being dominated by anti-modernists can kill bin Ladenism and its offshoots.”

Conservatives have a been little down on Thomas Friedman lately… duly so, given his anti-war position (and that god-awful Rolling Stone profile). However, his column today about the reform from within going on in Iran is a good read.

Also, in local news, be sure to check out this scathing critique of Emerald columnist Meghann Farnsworth. The article is question is located here.

Whenever I feel residual liberal guilt about being conservative, I simply read the Eugene Weekly. It’s a weekly affirmation. But… the EW actually ran two funny cartoons today. Tom Tomorrow was amusing, and Too Much Coffee Man (which has replaced TT on the letters page) was good for a chuckle. (Sorry… no link available for Coffee Man.)

This letter by Timothy Sutton has now run in the Register-Guard, the ODE and now the EW. I’m waiting for the print edition of the South Eugene High Statesman.

Finally, as many of you know, I am something of a fan of what the kids today call “rap” music. After hearing a few cuts from the new Snoop Dogg album, I’m officially declaring that there are no longer any creative ways to rhyme “bitches” with “snitches” or “riches.” (If you can think of one, e-mail me… I’d love someone to prove me wrong.)

BONUS: If you’re at all interested in the NBA—and who isn’t these days—then you may enjoy this article. Or you may not.

Holla Back…

December 5th, 2002 by Bret

Bubba Biting The Hand That Fed Him As Dems Head To SC (Strom Country?)

The Wall Street Journal’s John Fund writes that Clinton has joined Tom Daschle and Al Gore in blaming the media for Dem losses. Good to hear our vast right-wing conspiracy has come to full fruition.

Also George Will writes that the road to the Dem ’04 nomination will run through South Carolina, where Dems are having significant problems and just elected a GOP governor.

December 4th, 2002 by wwb

Now this is what I call news.