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Archive for February, 2003

February 28th, 2003 by Sho

New issue, suckas!

Our new issue is now online for your perusal. Word to your mom.

February 28th, 2003 by pete

From the Files of Armed Prophet

From an editorial in this morning’s Tulsa World:

Where is Geraldo Rivera when we need him? If he had been as close to Saddam Hussein as Dan Rather was, Geraldo would have leapt over the table and throttled Saddam. Dan could have been the hero. He could’ve taken one for the team. Instead, he sipped coffee.

February 28th, 2003 by Bret

Hippies Go Home … Or Did You Stay There?

The University Assembly failed miserably it its attempt to attain quorum while seeking out an anti-war resolution. Needed: 1069. Attained: 483. So they talked and jammered amongst the few who were there. In the end an unofficial resolution that the assembled members and friends don’t think we should head to Baghdad now. A big defeat for those who try to stifle debate.

February 28th, 2003 by Timothy

Seems I’m A Clearing House For All Things War Related

Iraqi soldiers: DEFECT

Saddam to gas Kurds (with chemical weapons he says he doesn’t have) if US bombs fall.

New ‘Mad Max’ film delayed.

Arafat and Castro are two rich despots.

February 28th, 2003 by olly

On “attracting controversy the way picnics attract ants”:

My reaction to intelligence is the same as my reaction to pornography. I can’t define it but I like it when I see it. – attributed to the somewhat eccentric Hugh Loebner.

Taken from a lengthy but amusing Salon piece concerning artificial intelligence, or the lack thereof.

February 28th, 2003 by Brett

What do you get when you when an actor come political activist and a politician come actor square off? Hopefully some pretty hostile adds. That’s what we’re getting right now, as former Sen. Fred Thompson and ultra-left-wing, tedious overacting, knee jerk liberal Martin Sheen square off in a war of words and rich people telling us what to think….

Sit back and watch the fireworks start, here.

Advocating a restructuring of America’s allies and treaties has been popular lately, almost as popular as bashing the wine-swilling cowards we all know and love. Now both are done articulately and in one place.

February 28th, 2003 by pete

Hug A Jew

Let me guess. You hate the State of Israel, but you’ve got nothing against the people behind Fiddler on the Roof. Buddy, if we’re not with you, then at least we’re not against you. Despite claims to the contrary, Seinfeld was the greatest television show EVER. And if you think you could bat against Sandy Koufax, you’re wrong. Adam Sandler? Played out, for sure. But the same thing happened to Woody Allen. And Mel Brooks. The brighter the flame, the shorter the light. It conclusion, it’s time that you hugged a jew.

And don’t post after you’ve been at the bar.

February 28th, 2003 by Timothy

Nothing Like a Cartoon

Check this out, really hits the nail on the head.

How does one destroy a missile “in principle“?

1776 Feet for the WTC, I would’ve liked it if the old WTC had gone back up exactly the way it was, but this will do.

And it’s nice to know that Mr. Rubber Ducky is still safe to use in the bath.

Lastly Snopes, generally regarded as the clearing house for all debunking of Urban Myth, has taken on the SUV’s fund Terrorists crowd.

February 27th, 2003 by pete

He Said He Wanted to be a Cowboy

Kid Rock may have sang with Sheryl Crow during her Grammy performance, but he wasn’t swayed by her political message.

“Why is everybody trying to stop the war? George Bush ain’t been saying, ‘You all, make sh*#%y records.’ Politicians and music don’t mix. It’s like whiskey and wine.  We ought to stay out of it.”

Kid knows he’s no policy wonk or geo-political strategist, but couldn’t resist adding, “We got to kill that mother-f@cker Saddam,” he says. “Slit his throat. Kill him and the guy in North Korea.”

February 26th, 2003 by Timothy

I’ll Post Anything At 2:20AM

This from The Blogfather, it appears that Chomsky called Vaclav Havel “morally repugnant” in 1990. Just goes to show that there’s no room for the defense of western freedoms in the liberal arts.

Yet more parallels between Iraq and inaction by european leaders of the past, enter East Timor.

Nothing like The Sun to put things in perspective: STOP SQUIRMING, WORM!. And, on a similar note, score one for Denmark.

Also, Andrew Sullivan has posted a great article on what Sharpton means for the Dems.

UPDATE: Oh, those poor Afghans, suffering so in the wake of an American led war.

February 25th, 2003 by Bret

Would You Like Freedom Fries With That?

From everyone’s favorite, John Fund: A restaurant in Beaufort, N.C., has stopped serving french fries–or at least calling them that. “We now serve freedom fries,” says owner Neal Rowland. It’s about time there’s some form of domestic backlash to Anti-Americanism in Europe.

Check out an interesting piece from Howard Fineman on dovish Dems. In the piece Fineman hits on a lot of noteworthy stuff, but one thing is the “virtual march on Washington.” The hippies are so fucking lazy that now they rely on email, so they don’t have to go out in the cold. On the brighter side, at least Howard Dean is pushing the Dems further left, which should cause them problems irrespective of the success or failures of an Iraq conflict.

February 25th, 2003 by Sho

A local head shop was raided by Feds yesterday along with other similar business nationwide. The DEA has decided that all glass pipes are considered “drug paraphernalia” and possession is grounds for federal arrest. Unfortunately, this probably means the closure of the only profitable business in a slowly dying downtown Eugene.

This reinforces my belief that drug laws should be controlled by states or cities so that regulations can be more in tune with the attitudes of local voters. And for the worst pun I’ve read in the news so far this year, look to this article for a quote from the head of the DEA: “With Operations Pipe Dreams, these criminals are out of business, and 11 illicit dot.coms are dot.gone.”

Dot.gone. Frickin’ hilarious.

February 25th, 2003 by pete

Caught this on The Corner at NRO…

This is how a writer in the Village Voice recently began a review of the work of Lithuanian filmmaker Sarunas Bartas:

“A voice from the frontier of both post-post-industrial civilization and art-film reductionism, Lithuanian film-maker Sarunas Bartas may be the ultimate litmus test for hardcore cineastes. His films represent a polar cap of inhospitable cinematic ordeal – they withhold orthodox pleasures so strenuously you imagine the filmmaker as a marching ascetic, disgusted with a decadent movie world. A Bartas film rarely moves, and is never host to more than a few moments of inconsequential dialogue – you arrive long after life has already wound down into hopeless silence.”

Popcorn anyone?

Caught this in the Willamette Week’s review of the movie “Fidel.”

If Cuban leader Fidel Castro was not the greatest world leader of the 20th century, he certainly ranks in the top five. The problem, of course, is that the American media/ political machine has gone out of its way to portray him a mad-dog communist who bites the heads off of little children and guzzles their blood.

Huh? I thought the Eugene Weekly was bad, but this is ridiculous. One of the greatest leaders of the 20th century? Even Parade magazine labeled him as one of the top three most evil dictators in the world. And that was just in Brady’s Bits.

February 25th, 2003 by Timothy

Take THAT, you Gun Control Fruitcakes.

A nice debunking of Arming America

February 24th, 2003 by Sho

David Horowitz: “This campus is a disgrace”

The article in the Daily Emerald.

It’s a shame that the Emerald decided to print nothing about the event before it happened and that this got on the front page today. Liberal speakers tend to get a little more space in the ODE before and after their event. I recall the Ol Dirty’s Editor-in-Chief saying something about the paper being apparently “fair and balanced.” Feh to that.

Here’s the resolution against a war in Iraq. Geoge Beres, former U of O sports information director, states that the resolutions is an “expression — not of the university — but of a majority of the voting faculty” in a guest commentary in the Emerald. Take note, however, that the resolutions concludes with the statement, “Be it resolved that the University of Oregon opposes the US engagement in war in Iraq at this time.”

That doesn’t sound like a majority of the faculty to me.