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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

David Horowitz: “This campus is a disgrace”

The article in the Daily Emerald.

It’s a shame that the Emerald decided to print nothing about the event before it happened and that this got on the front page today. Liberal speakers tend to get a little more space in the ODE before and after their event. I recall the Ol Dirty’s Editor-in-Chief saying something about the paper being apparently “fair and balanced.” Feh to that.

Here’s the resolution against a war in Iraq. Geoge Beres, former U of O sports information director, states that the resolutions is an “expression — not of the university — but of a majority of the voting faculty” in a guest commentary in the Emerald. Take note, however, that the resolutions concludes with the statement, “Be it resolved that the University of Oregon opposes the US engagement in war in Iraq at this time.”

That doesn’t sound like a majority of the faculty to me.

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