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So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu

December 8th, 2011 by Melissa Haskin

Email from President Lariviere:

Dear faculty, staff and students,

Words cannot convey all that I feel as my time as president comes to an end. It is an honor to be your colleague. In many ways, my job was as simple as holding a mirror to the institution — letting your great work speak for itself.

The outpouring of support you have shown has moved me deeply. You will continue to build on our momentum to make this university greater still. The leadership demonstrated on this campus these past few weeks gives me great optimism for that future.

Finally, please know how much Jan and I love this place. We have become part of you and part of this community, and you have become part of us.

From the bottom of my heart,


Here at the Commentator we will be using all of our available resources (which include a Sudsy suit and $3.28 in the couch cushions) to convince Lariviere to sing “So Long, Farewell.” Dear President Lariviere if you are reading this and would like to upload a video of you singing, please email the link to editor(at) And if you could get Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students Dr. Paul Shang to sing with you that would be all the better.

Ethical note: I’m bs-ing about the $3.28, who the hell is brave enough to search the Commentator couch? Lyzi, Lyzi, LaMichael, anyone?


August 30th, 2011 by Melissa Haskin

Look look, this random website says we’re the #20 most awesome (Twitter) person in Eugene.

See at the bottom?

Victory alas,

To Rennies to celebrate this momentous moment!



eduHookups Sold

May 29th, 2011 by Melissa Haskin

Earlier this year went viral. What started as a casual sex site for UChicago students turned into a dating/sex site for many universities across the nation.

The website had just barely made its way from the Ivies to the University of Oregon before it was sold.  And for how much? $1,000. Seems a bit odd considering how many users were on the site.  According to this website which may or may not be very trust-able, eduHookups was facing security problems.

A look at their twitter confirmed not only that eduHookups was sold on eBay but that the original site,, is now for sale as well.

Now the website redirects to where you can describe your last hookup in terms of bases, like you’re in second grade again! How exciting! You can even list their initials!

The Commentator deeply regrets the loss of eduHookups and in memorial (and on Memorial day) will be launching our own casual sex website A Sudsy Site for Casual Friends.

The Oregon Commentator, an independent journal of seduction/fornication etc.

*Nicholas Ekblad contributed to the reporting of this article.

Switzerland gives Muslims middle finger.

December 1st, 2009 by Alex Tomchak Scott

In many nations, the lazy fatcat bureaucrats in their towering spires of power are content to put their grotesquely corpulent feet up on the desk and leave the important business of creating building code to the teeming masses of hardworking municipal legislators.

Not so Switzerland, a small country in Central Europe. Oh no. In this bulwark of elbow grease, the hardworking, selfless lawmakers have made building code a national priority, starting with a referendum submitted to Swiss voters this November. They have finally put a stop to the threat of minarets, a move that doubtless massages the balm of hope into the bullwhip-scarred backs of hardworking municipal planners everywhere.

Of course, not being a municipal planner myself, I have no idea what that threat is, although this poster made by the Swiss People’s Party, which courageously spearheaded the ban, does provide some clue. I don’t read German, but I can only assume that those imposing black spires somehow endanger that attractive yet curiously overdressed Swiss woman in the front of the picture. Hmm?

I can’t quite figure out how, as the New York Times appears to be claiming, this elucidating clinic in direct democracy is in violation of international human rights conventions. Also, strangely, the large numbers of immigrants Turkey, Kosovo, and other Muslim countries that have become prevalent in Switzerland recently seem to be taking offense, despite, one assumes, having left their native lands to escape the tyranny of governments that did nothing about the skyline damage done by minarets. Answers in the comments please.

(You can also read more perspectives from Al-Jazeera, the NY Times editorial board, the Daily Mail, the Guardian, a fascinating trove of letters on the subject, etc.)