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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Switzerland gives Muslims middle finger.

In many nations, the lazy fatcat bureaucrats in their towering spires of power are content to put their grotesquely corpulent feet up on the desk and leave the important business of creating building code to the teeming masses of hardworking municipal legislators.

Not so Switzerland, a small country in Central Europe. Oh no. In this bulwark of elbow grease, the hardworking, selfless lawmakers have made building code a national priority, starting with a referendum submitted to Swiss voters this November. They have finally put a stop to the threat of minarets, a move that doubtless massages the balm of hope into the bullwhip-scarred backs of hardworking municipal planners everywhere.

Of course, not being a municipal planner myself, I have no idea what that threat is, although this poster made by the Swiss People’s Party, which courageously spearheaded the ban, does provide some clue. I don’t read German, but I can only assume that those imposing black spires somehow endanger that attractive yet curiously overdressed Swiss woman in the front of the picture. Hmm?

I can’t quite figure out how, as the New York Times appears to be claiming, this elucidating clinic in direct democracy is in violation of international human rights conventions. Also, strangely, the large numbers of immigrants Turkey, Kosovo, and other Muslim countries that have become prevalent in Switzerland recently seem to be taking offense, despite, one assumes, having left their native lands to escape the tyranny of governments that did nothing about the skyline damage done by minarets. Answers in the comments please.

(You can also read more perspectives from Al-Jazeera, the NY Times editorial board, the Daily Mail, the Guardian, a fascinating trove of letters on the subject, etc.)

  1. Dragoslav says:

    why should muslims be granted privleges and rights they deny to christians?How much religious tolerance does a Christian get in the middle east ,Phillipines,somalia etc.If you are such a fervant muslim why would you migraTE to a christian country anyway?They should be thankful that this referendum is as extreme an action is taken .Christians who arent tolerated usually have their heads cut off in muslim countries.

  2. Thanks Joe. You’re a motherfucking, solid-gold, ding-dong-delicious prince.

  3. C.T. Behemoth says:

    I thought that it I should mention that the state that a couple people have offered up as an equivalent is Saudi Arabia. While I agree that this state is ultra-orthodox in its interpretation of Wahhabi Islam (not to say that the people themselves are all toeing the line)…Saudi Arabia is the ONLY Muslim-majority state on the planet that forbids the building of churches.

    I can’t pretend to know why Saudi was thrown into the mix, other than to compare based on this fact alone. However, if the assumption is that this is representative of Islam or the Islamic World…then this is demonstrably false.

    If you want to make the BEST comparison here, then I suggest Qatar. You can build churches here (and its even a Wahhabi state) but you cannot build steeples or have bells.

    That’s my two dinar anyway.

  4. joe says:

    The first paragraph could use a few more adjectives. I just have trouble understanding what you’re trying to convey with so few descriptors.

  5. Vincent says:

    Stephen Fry was right.

  6. New theory: an eye for an eye gives the world so many eyes.

  7. nike urbanism duk says:

    The real issue is Dubai. When the end comes it will be a export from Dubai. That is why I call it Dushbai. Someday those losers will wake up and build a island shaped like Sudsy. Speaking of Sudsy the Emerald has not helped the OC hype the new book. This is an outrage. I recommend you send Sudsy to the Emerald now- have him blast through a wall to get in (the EMU needs to come down anyway)………like his great uncle the Kool-Aid guy.

  8. amon says:

    “Also, the majority of Muslims who live in Switzerland are citizens of the country. and, therefore, should be granted the same rights as their compatriots.”

    The right to build minarets or the right to vote on banning minarets?

  9. ancient Illyrian says:

    We read how Swiss people have a bright history when it comes to Human rights…how European Nations are so advanced and so peaceful ,they are against the Wars etc etc.Don’t let the media fool you (US-Americans)! It is your Country,your Nation,your Constitution,your Army,your generosity / money etc. that United European Nations…without Your help Europe would look much different today,probably still living inside the BOX,not only behind borderlines, but behind high mauer’s…!As for Swiss ban on Minarets,it is the wish of the Swiss Nation…it should be respected and accepted!Being Muslim myself it didn’t bother or surprise me a bit,actually i was happy. The Muslim people have to learn to integrate in the host Countries,if they like to cover them self from head to toe they should stay home and live the way they like …!However,there is no other Country on Earth like the USA,no matter what race,religion or Nationality one person is,as soon as he or her step foot in this Blessed Country their lives change forever,they know that the future of their children is bright and secured to succeed in life…!God Bless the US. of America

  10. Right-Wing Monitor says:

    Can one build a mosque in the Vatican? The answer is nope. So, why should Saudi Arabia allow churches to be built on its territory. Also, the majority of Muslims who live in Switzerland are citizens of the country. and, therefore, should be granted the same rights as their compatriots.

  11. Kristen says:

    “I can

  12. anon says:

    i guess if one cant build a church in saudi arabia why should one be allowed to build a mosque in switzerland? actually in switzerland one is allowed to build a mosque but not one with a minaret. simple logic.

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