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Archive for December, 2003


December 14th, 2003 by Timothy

This is all over the net, but SADDAM HAS BEEN CAPTURED. That’s the biggest news of the year. You may now return to your regularly scheduled Christmas Break.

What Crazy Things will the French Think of Next?

December 13th, 2003 by Chris

I found an interesting little article while bored at the Circ desk of the Law Library. It appear that Chirac has antagonized Muslims in France for wearing religious items in public schools. An interesting op-ed from Kuro5hin.

Now back to handing out those damned little reserve folders to those pesky and studious law students.

Finals are over. Thus the drinking begins, or rather, continues.

December 13th, 2003 by Sho

The Drink-o-Meter determines how much alcohol you’ve consumed since you’ve legally become of age and how much money you’ve spent on your booze habit. Because the test was made in the UK, you’ll have to take in consideration that the legal drinking age over there is 18. So for all of you who got a D in Math 105, if you’re 22, pop in your age as 19.

Drink responsibly during the break, we need all of you alive to read (and write for) the magazine!

(Hat tip to Lauren)

Bill Moyers Lands A Punch … From The Left, Of Course

December 13th, 2003 by Bret

Bill Moyers and US News are putting out a report on the Bush admin’s “increasing” use of secrecy to supposedly keep info out of the public’s hands. Among other “findings” from the investigation:

New administrative initiatives have effectively placed off limits critical health and safety information potentially affecting millions of Americans. The information includes data on quality and vulnerability of drinking-water supplies, potential chemical hazards in communities, and safety of airline travel and others forms of transportation.

Hmm … doesn’t seem like any of this info could be used for nefarious purposes, right? Of course the gov’t should provide us with every detail possible about our world unless it conflicts with the number one role of gov’t — which is to protect us.

Take Five …

December 12th, 2003 by Bret

Minutes to read this speech from author Michael Crichton. It’s easily the single most eloquent (and moderate) look into the modern environmentalist movement, and the religious fervor with which its adherents view the world.

Take special note of the way in which environmentalists (and even Sho!) mistakenly believe the world is worse off now than in some lore-ish golden era before man screwed it all up with things like medicine, agro-tech and TV.

A new wrinkle in the GTA "debate"

December 11th, 2003 by danimal

Apparently, Haitians are a bit disturbed by Grand Theft Auto: Vice City‘s exhortations to “kill all the Haitians.” So disturbed they are going to picket!

No word yet on whether the citizens of Haiti plan any action against the United States for the term “playa-haitian.”

Dinosaurs and Objectivism

December 11th, 2003 by Sho

Ayn Rand never replies to my emails.

Maybe It’s A Tumor

December 11th, 2003 by Timothy

Perhaps Cathy is going to die. One can only hope.

The Marginal Revolution

December 9th, 2003 by Timothy

Is probably the newest on my long list of favorite blogs. This post and this one demonstrate exactly why.

Also, I propose a new Google Bomb [Note, per comments the link below has been changed from “Stalinist” to “Socialist” in order to be less inflammatory and more accurate]:


Do this

December 9th, 2003 by danimal

I’m neither condemning nor endorsing this little cyber fart. It just is.

Go to Google, type in “miserable failure” and click on “I’m feeling lucky.”

I Don’t Typically Trust Unnamed Sources

December 9th, 2003 by Timothy

But if this is true, I think it’s a bad idea. 19-guns for the Chinese? I know we need good relations with them, even if China is a terrible police state, because they’re the only ones with enough global power to really threaten us. Plus, if they ever move to markets, China is going to become a complete economic powerhouse. But, still, if we’re pairing-down pomp and circumstance for other heads of state, China seems like an odd place to be splurging.

Is There Something Wrong With This Man?

December 8th, 2003 by Timothy

Jay Nordlinger’s Impromtus isn’t very entertaining or funny at all. It makes me so very sad.

GAH! And MRGH! Also, ARGH!

December 8th, 2003 by Timothy

This is the first I’ve heard of this particular lawsuit. Indeed, Ms. Parks has a right to publicity, but being able to filing suit against OutKast for using her name in the title of a song (that doesn’t mention her further) and claiming “false advertising” is, at best, a rather shameless attempt to get something she doesn’t like removed from the airwaves. I’d also guess she’s a limited public figure, and therefore must expect a little bit of satire thrown her way. Dan, thoughts?

And, One More Thing

December 7th, 2003 by Timothy

If you missed this great post by Jeff Jarvis, go read it.

Speaking of Cool Photos

December 7th, 2003 by Timothy

check out Matt Stuart’s nice pictures of London.