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Archive for May, 2004

Still Crazy After All These Days…

May 5th, 2004 by Timothy

King Ralph, apparently, doesn’t like that MLB is a business. What a maroon.


May 4th, 2004 by Timothy

I will be on a panel about Campus Media Ethics this evening at 7pm in Allen 221. It should be rather interesting, Jan Montry and some dude from the Insurgent will also be there. Y’all should come on by to:

SMELL: Some Guy From The Insurgent!
HEAR: Jan Answer Some Questions!
SEE: Me In A Suit! [It’s totally hot, I do not lie!]

If A Picture Is Worth A Thousands Words…

May 3rd, 2004 by Sho

…then why does Emerald cartoonist Steve Baggs use so many? Words that is, not pictures.

Baggs could spend a little more time on his editorial cartoon on Arab reaction to alleged Iraqi prisoner abuse. Maybe he could actually draw something that resembles naked prisoners on the television, rather than just writing the… oh, never mind.

Nader a hypocrite? You don’t say…

May 3rd, 2004 by Timothy

Apparently St. Ralph is pretty bad at practicing what he preaches. Typical. [Hat Tip: Luskin]

Spam Sausage Spam Spam Bacon Spam Tomato and Spam

May 3rd, 2004 by Sho

I think there are only two Movable Type users who read this blog, but they might find this MT comment spam blocker useful. After less than a month of using MT at the OC Online, I have already found one comment spam on my first post. I deleted it, but Im sure theres more where that one came from. This spam blocker uses a constantly updated blacklist of spamming websites that works similarly to updating your anti-virus softwares virus list.
I hope that this will kick the ass of most of the comment spam that comes this way.

Ive also enabled “e-mail comments” on MT so users of this blog will be notified when someone has posted a comment to their blog entry. This way, if comment spam appears on one of their posts they can let me know and I can delete it and blacklist the spammer. I may centralize the process by having everyones profile e-mail address set to our Darkwing account so comments and such get sent to only one e-mail address that can be checked in the office but Ill bring this up for discussion at the next OC meeting.

Note: This could potentially be used as a defense against attempted puppy bombings. Yes, I’m looking at you, FLOG.

via Portland blogger Jack Bog

At Least Somebody Understands

May 3rd, 2004 by Timothy

Arnold Kling points to this , the end of which has a nice little hypothesis on why a lot of folks find economics repugnant.

Gives A New Meaning To “Moonbat”

May 2nd, 2004 by Timothy

Virginia, apparently, has claimed rights to all little league players from Mars. If the Martians turn out to be anything like Mike from Stranger In A Strange Land, Virginia is going to have quite the advantage. Same goes for the Martians being like Vulcans. It’d be just like that DS9 episode where the crew plays against the Vulcan baseball team on the holodeck…I’m just going to stop there before things devolve into even worse states of nerd.

Not What I Might Have Called Them…

May 1st, 2004 by Timothy

Go see for yourself. This rivals the “nova” myth in terms of bad marketing choices…only this one is true.

Good News

May 1st, 2004 by Timothy

Apparently the WTO has ruled against US cotton subsidies. McArdle’s analysis is pretty much right on, so I’ll let y’all read for yourselves. Rulings like this are the best hope for the world’s developing economies, let’s hope things keep moving this way.