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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator


I will be on a panel about Campus Media Ethics this evening at 7pm in Allen 221. It should be rather interesting, Jan Montry and some dude from the Insurgent will also be there. Y’all should come on by to:

SMELL: Some Guy From The Insurgent!
HEAR: Jan Answer Some Questions!
SEE: Me In A Suit! [It’s totally hot, I do not lie!]

  1. WWB says:

    I was on a few panels with some Insurgent people in past years. I can picture them being quiet — I’d guess the reason they’re so quiet is because their politics, and more so their political concerns, are so far removed from the mainstream that there isn’t much to add. You want to talk ending trade barriers, they want to talk ending trade altogether. Never the twain shall meet.

    That said, the Insurgent was never well-organized, so it’s always possible they could have sent someone better.

  2. Mene says:

    Yeah, he was surprisingly quiet. There was a missed opportunity for some intense verbal sparring there. Perhaps he was intimidated by the suit.

  3. Timothy says:

    Thanks, I sort of wish the Insurgent guy had something to say, but oh well.

  4. Mene says:

    Good job last night Tim. I do wish the panel had focused a bit more on one or two issues instead of bouncing around as much as it did though.

  5. Tyler says:

    Show ’em how we do it at the OC!

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