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Archive for December, 2009

Full of Win

December 1st, 2009 by D


It’s not often that I sit down and actually read the Emerald. I understand that statement makes me sound snobbish or just like an asshole, but it’s true. After last year’s absolutely dreadful run of print, it’s just not in my daily routine anymore. Sure, I grab a copy every-other-day or so, but I rarely open it up. Usually it just sits here on the Commentator couches until De Lancie or I do the monthly office cleaning.

Having said that, I did remark at the beginning of the year that I thought the Emerald was getting quite a bit better. I’d like to reiterate that sentiment now that our first term of this year is coming to a close. The news and opinion section has considerably better talent compared to last year, and the sports section, as always, is thorough and well-done.

For example, today’s opinion piece by Greg Dewar reminded me that the University of Oregon, as well as the Emerald, has many talented writers that are able to write about something, even video games, and make their arguments concise and fun to read.

I, for one, am glad to see that we have a campus paper that students can pick up and enjoy on a rather consistent basis. It’s what this campus needs, and I tip my hat to the Emerald.

To lift a line from Dewar, the paper is indeed “full of win”.

Well, for the Emerald.

Have You Seen the Funniest Holiday Issue the World’s Ever Known?

December 1st, 2009 by D


Sudsy tested, Santa/Frog approved.

The new Holiday Issue is out on stands. Best to go pick up a copy at any of these locations:

  • Lillis Hall
  • 13th and Kincaid
  • 14th and Kincaid
  • 13th and University
  • West Entrance to EMU
  • EMU by elevator
  • Mac Court
  • Rec Center Entrance
  • LLC North (south entrance)
  • Hamilton Lobby (east entrance)


A “BETA” E-Mail

December 1st, 2009 by de lancie

University of Oregon Microcomputing Services launched it’s new E-Mail this system, upgrading from Alpha to Beta. I just logged on and was a little thrown off. We will see if this is really beta’ than before.

Switzerland gives Muslims middle finger.

December 1st, 2009 by Alex Tomchak Scott

In many nations, the lazy fatcat bureaucrats in their towering spires of power are content to put their grotesquely corpulent feet up on the desk and leave the important business of creating building code to the teeming masses of hardworking municipal legislators.

Not so Switzerland, a small country in Central Europe. Oh no. In this bulwark of elbow grease, the hardworking, selfless lawmakers have made building code a national priority, starting with a referendum submitted to Swiss voters this November. They have finally put a stop to the threat of minarets, a move that doubtless massages the balm of hope into the bullwhip-scarred backs of hardworking municipal planners everywhere.

Of course, not being a municipal planner myself, I have no idea what that threat is, although this poster made by the Swiss People’s Party, which courageously spearheaded the ban, does provide some clue. I don’t read German, but I can only assume that those imposing black spires somehow endanger that attractive yet curiously overdressed Swiss woman in the front of the picture. Hmm?

I can’t quite figure out how, as the New York Times appears to be claiming, this elucidating clinic in direct democracy is in violation of international human rights conventions. Also, strangely, the large numbers of immigrants Turkey, Kosovo, and other Muslim countries that have become prevalent in Switzerland recently seem to be taking offense, despite, one assumes, having left their native lands to escape the tyranny of governments that did nothing about the skyline damage done by minarets. Answers in the comments please.

(You can also read more perspectives from Al-Jazeera, the NY Times editorial board, the Daily Mail, the Guardian, a fascinating trove of letters on the subject, etc.)