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ASUO ELECTIONS ’12: Justice.

April 10th, 2012 by Rebecca

The ASUO Elections Board has removed Katie Taylor and Alex Sylvester from the election,

Ben Bowman and Lamar Wise are back on the ballot,

and the angels sing.

*No, Katie Taylor hasn't been arrested for computer hacking. The Oregon Commentator simply found this picture to be fitting. We think it's from that one time in D.C. when she was "making a stand" or whatever.



ASUO ELECTIONS ’12: I’m Tellin Y’all It’s SABOTAGE

April 9th, 2012 by Rebecca

Updated 4/9/12 – 3:35 PM

1) ASUO Constitution Court rules “these matters are best left to the ASUO Elections Board for adjudication.”

And also! Both related and unrelated..

2) ASUO Constitution Court rules to remove VP Candidate Lamar Wise from his position as ASUO Senate President as a result of a grievance filed by ASUO Senator Lindy Mabuya.

A Statement from the Katie & Alex Campaign:

“We made it a standard to run a clean campaign and I am extremely disappointed that this isolated incident has occurred where two individuals exercised extremely poor judgment. It saddens me immensely that this has occurred, as the rest of the Katie and Alex team, as well as the Ben and Lamar team, ran an amazing outreach drive to engage students on extremely important matters. The individuals responsible for this have been removed from the campaign.”

Ben Bowman and Lamar Wise of the Ben & Lamar campaign, along with Sam Dotters-Katz of the YES (Your EMU SRC) campaign, have filed grievances against the Katie & Alex campaign; they claim to have been hacked by Chuckie-D himself (Former OSPIRG Chair Charles Denson, spouse of VP Katie Taylor), and that their campaign materials were fucked with.

Wait what? Ben & Lamar’s management team confronted the Katie & Alex campaign, and “at least five” members “came forward with this information and all showed remorse except for Denson*.”

Hacked how? Wise says he lost access to his Gmail after opening a phishing website disguised as a Google Calendar component. Dotters-Katz says his email was also tampered with.

Fucked with how? Denson apparently used “find and replace” to jumble 12,000 phone numbers on a contact list of possible Ben & Lamar voters. The grievance states that hundreds of volunteer hours were wasted making calls to the wrong people. Dotters-Katz had a similar complaint, claiming that contacts of the YES campaign were either deleted or tampered with. Among the deleted was a list of student leaders in support of the campaign.

So who exactly? The grievances name Katie Taylor, Charles Denson, Kerry Snodgrass, Molly Bennison and Andrew Rogers as the people aware of the act.

Sam Dotters-Katz is calling this an “unprecedented act of cyber espionage.”

The Ben & Lamar campaign is calling for an immediate injunction on the election.

As for us at The Oregon Commentator, we’re calling for Katie Taylor and Charles Denson’s expulsion from planet earth. That’s right. We’re tired of writing about them. Did you think we were actually surprised by this? They’re simply living up to what we’ve called them out on being all along: the devil’s spawn. Look, this isn’t an absurd accusation. They’re a young married couple! Why else would they devote themselves to a life’s work of student manipulation? It just doesn’t make any sense.

We’ll just have to see what the ASUO Constitution Court  ASUO Elections Board does about this. Since these grievances concern the devil himself, let’s hope the Court Board likes a good exorcism.

Demons be gone!

*This post is a regurgitation of this ODE article, so read the original. Love you Emily!



April 8th, 2012 by Rebecca

Here they are!

It’ll be We Are Oregon v. Katie & Alex in the general election.

 EMU renovation wasn’t passed, but the SRC was. The measure allowing students to vote directly on the allocation of the I-Fee was passed as well..

ASUO ELECTIONS ’12: Grievance Filed Against Katie & Alex

April 6th, 2012 by Rebecca

ASUO Senator Ben Rudin has submitted an official complaint against the K&A campaign after he found this suspicious Duckweb link on their website. You will find a nice advisory banner to the left of that page, which tells students to:

4) Vote on the ballot measures!
Vote ‘Yes’ on all of them except the
advisory questions #1 and #2

Rudin asks that the candidates be ordered to cease campaigning for the remainder of the primary elections. The Oregon Commentaor seconds that request.

Here’s an excerpt from the official grievance.

Describe any steps that you have taken to resolve the conflict.  Include any official procedures that have been followed.

I texted Katie at 1:46 p.m. asking her to take it down before 5 p.m. She did not.


Are you aware of any laws, rules, etc. that you believe have been violated?  If so, please list them.  Please refer to University and State laws, if applicable.


“1.2.     Elections and campaigns must be carried out in the best interests of the student body, as determined by the ASUO Elections Board, and in compliance with §13 of the ASUO Constitution.”


By taking a neutral URL ( and redirecting it to a partisan page, she is abusing the credibility of that URL. With Katie & Alex engaging in a fraudulent and deceptive practice, the election is not being carried out in the best interest of the student body


“6.4.     Egregious campaign violations shall consist of, but are not limited to: submitting votes for other students; tampering with the electronic election system; harassment, intimidation, bribery or fraud with the intent of affecting the outcome of the election; libelous or slanderous statements or conduct; tampering with another campaign’s materials with malicious intent; intentional actions to mislead or obstruct the duties of the Elections Board.


6.4.a.  Consequences for egregious violations may include suspension of campaigning, removal from ballot, and removal from office.”


The Katie & Alex campaign are taking a neutral URL and directing it to a partisan website. That is clearly fraud with intent of affecting the outcome of the election.


“5.1.    Candidates, tickets, campaign committees and affiliated individuals shall be held responsible for all election-related activities explicitly or implicitly authorized by the campaign.”


This Facebook event is put on by Andrew Rogers, a Katie & Alex volunteer. Katie Taylor, Alex Sylvester, Joanna Stewart, and Alexandra Flores-Quilty RSVP’d as attending this event, which demonstrates knowledge and implied authorization.

What is your desired outcome of the grievance/complaint?

I am asking that the Katie & Alex campaign be ordered to cease and desist all use of and be suspended from campaigning for the remainder of primary elections.



Ol’ Dirty’s Attempt to Save Trees Deemed Outragiously Racist

April 5th, 2012 by Nick Ekblad

On March 6, during an intramural basketball game, a fight broke out between opponents from each team. Becky Metrick covered the story the next day in Daily Emerald, which can be found here. Today, the Emerald‘s front page features an article by Josephine Woolington covering the meeting organized by Kendaris Hill (former president of the Black Student Union). According to the concerned students of the Black Student Union, the Ol’ Dirty‘s placement of the photo (probably the first or third one in the series here) of Amin Tufa being taken into custody by DPS officers was inappropriate. The picture was placed on the front page next to an unrelated headline regarding crime in the West University neighborhood.

Let me just say a few things:

1. Black people have been on the front page of newspapers before! It’s not a new thing.

2. Crime happens. And if it happens next to or on campus, perhaps it should be covered in the campus newspaper, no?

3. I sure as hell did not immediately pin all of the crime conducted West of campus on Tufa when reading the headline. That would be racial profiling.

4. Finally, Black Student Union… You do know that the editor-in-chief of the Emerald is black himself, right?

Editor-in-chief Tyree Harris as quoted by Woolington in today’s Ol’ Dirty: “The story was clearly questioning everything involved in the situation. […] Nobody in the newsroom was trying to portray this story in a stereotypical way.” I agree with Harris’s assertion that the stories were indeed questioning the situation.

Apparently, the Ol’ Dirty better think twice before putting a picture of a black man next to the word “crime” in a cramped newspaper– lest they hurt somebody’s feelings. Ol’ Dirty, why must you be so environmentally conscious so as to save space by putting your stories so close together! Haha, I kid, but basically, these complaints translate to: “It confuses people when the word ‘crime’ and a picture of a black man appear together but do not relate nor coincide!”

So, perhaps the next step is to start giving each story a 1.5 inch border between it and any other story, making the newspaper a more safe and pleasant thing to read. However, complications may arise with the Climate Justice League. Seems like Ol’ Dirty is in some hot water! The links to the ODE stories are above– Your thoughts?

ASUO ELECTIONS ’12: Who is Katie Taylor? *UPDATED

April 5th, 2012 by Hailey

*Check out her shady campaign website on which she instructs students how to vote on the ballot measures !


Katie Taylor

Year in School

4th Year


Planning, Public Policy and Management


Queenstown, Maryland.

Tell us your slate, ever so briefly. And more importantly, provide a succinct yet compelling set of sentences that aim to rationally persuade us to adhere to it.

The Katie & Alex slate is a diverse set of passionate students with proactive plans to empower and advocate for students. This is our school, it only makes sense that we get what we want out of it and that our voices are heard in the decisions that matter to us, from the cost of our education to campus sustainability to fairly representing all communities on campus.

 Which inadequacy or injustice at the UO keeps you up at night the most? How do you plan to remedy this?

 I think whenever students don’t have a voice in the issues that affect them that’s not right and it’s problem. Students can and should take the lead on this campus. They should lead the EMU/SRC renovation project. Students of color should lead any changes within CMAE. Students should take the lead on addressing the cost of our education. Students should take the lead in bringing back anonymous report forms to protect survivors of sexual assault.  I will reach out to every student who has not had a voice on campus and dedicate my time to making sure their voice is heard.

 Without listing experience, what’s so special about you anyway? Why are you doing this?

What’s special about me is that I have the good fortune to be part of this amazing student body. And what’s special about them? You name it. There are so many different kinds of people from so many back grounds who are passionate and engaged  and looking for something more out of their time here and looking to give back to their campus community. I do this for them. I have had the privilege this year of working with so many awesome students on a wide array of issues. I want to keep building student voice around these issues so we can start making some real changes for everybody.

Students have found that ASUO elections rouse a kind of futile discourse consisting of many “empty promises.” To quote Shakespeare, candidate promises truly sound like “much ado about nothing.” Obviously there’s a lot to be done at the UO, but let’s not forget how short an executive term is. Slates aside, what are your principal, feasible priorities?

I will prioritize funding for student groups and programs. I will help address the cost of our education by bringing student voices to Salem and Washington DC to fight for more higher education and financial aid funding.  Furthermore, I will work with administration to bring down the cost of the EMU/SRC renovation project—I’ve been in enough meetings to know that it can be done. Reinstating anonymous report forms is another  attainable victory that will greatky improve student lives. I also will continue to be an ally to students of color as they fight for transparency in the transition from OMAS to CMAE. Finally, I will keep pressing the State Board of Higher Education to keep guns and tasers off of this police force.

 Although the ASUO is one of the most established student governments in the country, a majority of the UO student body remains apathetic (and annoyed) during elections. If you could speak to these apathetic students in particular, what would you tell them?

There’s a lot of rhetoric thrown around on campus through various means that I think disempowers students. They don’t believe that they can or should fight for an affordable education, or a sustainable campus, or for social justice. That rhetoric is wrong and it’s a lie. Students can do so much. We have the power—this is our school. It’s your choice whether to care or not, but if someone tells you not to care, don’t listen. They aren’t leaders.

 And now for the most pressing of inquiries: As you may or may not know, we’re all about the booze here at the Commentator. If you could have a drink with anyone, who would it be and what would you be drinking? Be very specific.

 One of the most important leaders of the twentieth century and perhaps the most influential woman in the civil rights movement, Ella Baker. We would drink red wine, something modest and inexpensive.

ASUO ELECTIONS ’12: The Official Oregon Commentator Voter’s Guide

April 5th, 2012 by Rebecca

Mmmmmmm here it comes everybody! We’re at the climax of ASUO Elections Week. The corner of 13th & University is an absolute no-fly zone, the Ol’ Dirty Emerald is gettin’ preachy, Eugene resembles a special, nippy kind of hell, and the Oregon Commentator is providing some real damp elections coverage this year. With all of this, we see that the cogent, student voter is met with immeasurable adversity, and we beckon him to transcend! Transcend all of this vain tumult and sign into Duckweb anyway. Vote. Pick your poison. Choose the lesser of the inherent evils that will govern you next year. But before you do, learn your candidates from the only publication to have a glass of beer for a mascot—a glass of beer that has arms and a fuckin’ cigar in one hand, and a beer in the other. That’s right, a beer holdin’ a beer! Here’s what none of you have been waiting for. We are proud to present the Official 2012 Oregon Commentator Voter’s Guide.


Cimmeron Gillepsie (Abolish Capitalism)

WHO HE IS: That guy in the Civil War uniform crossing the lawn.

IN A NUTSHELL: He’d like to eliminate all hierarchical institutions, and promote “community liberation and revolution,” “transformative solidarity,” and “stewardship.”

AND MORE SPECIFICALLY: He wants to use the I-Fee “to purchase small arms for the entire student body in order to take over all of Cascadia.”

WHY HE’S ALRIGHT: The question, rather, is how isn’t he?

WHY HE’S NOT: Obviously this platform is seamless, but breaking ODE news tells us that HE HAS UNEXPECTEDLY ENDORSED KATIE & ALEX. Whatever, you still better fucking vote Abolish Capitalism 2012.


Katie Taylor & Alex Sylvester (Katie & Alex)

WHO THEY ARE: The radical progressive choice. Katie’s current ASUO Vice President.  Alex is the Educational Director of the LGBTQA.

IN A NUTSHELL: They say they’re “committed” to making every student’s voice “heard, included, and respected.”

AND MORE SPECIFICALLY: They’re into providing intense advocacy for “underrepresented and “non-traditional” students, and aim to place these particular students in the ASUO as well. Priorities include “bringing back anonymous reporting forms to empower victims of sexual assault.”

WHY THEY’RE ALRIGHT: Dear God this is tough. I don’t know, they’re for keeping the DPS unarmed.

WHY THEY’RE NOT: In a moderate dissent, they’re promises to haggle administration for a lower the cost of the new EMU/SRC is a masked way of delaying the process, maybe even an attempt to table the whole idea. I know that if I call into question their efforts to “advocate marginalized students,” I’m earning myself a guaranteed BIGOT accusation, so I won’t go there. But in regards to Katie Taylor herself, as current ASUO Vice President, as a human being, I’m going to try and put the Commentator’s rampant disapproval of this person’s very existence as modestly as possible, but only because she’s literally been a campus publication piñata for an entire school year. How about this: In the Jazz Age, Katie Taylor would be what they may have called a shady lady bird.  Did the Commentator just try and insult somebody by calling them a shady lady bird? Look. If you’re into money laundering, secret matrimonies among political figures that help rob students of over 100k, and getting arrested in D.C. to make a statement, she’s your gal.


Ben Bowman & Lamar Wise (Ben & Lamar)

WHO THEY ARE: The mildly progressive choice. Ben’s the Chair of the ACFC and an ASUO Senator. Lamar is ASUO Senate president.

IN A NUTSHELL:  Their trying to compel voters to “Create the Future” by helping them pursue big dreams like lowering the cost of education and engaging a wider-array of students in the ASUO.

AND MORE SPECIFICALLY:  Priorities include copious student voter registration and “consistent presence in the halls of decision making, on and off campus.”

WHY THEY’RE ALRIGHT: They’re adamant about passing a measure to start the EMU/SRC renovation. Ben acknowledges the “politicization” that plagues the ASUO, and said “we cannot sever relationships like our incumbent.” Most importantly, he took the time to interview with the Commentator on super short-notice.

WHY THEY’RE NOT: Earlier this year, the Con Court found Ben guilty of violating “viewpoint neutrality” as a key voter on OSPIRG’s %97 budget increase. Ben himself, when he was Ben & Katie’s elections coordinator last year, and Ben’s current elections coordinator, Sophie Luthin, have both been formally reprimanded for pre-campaigning. The Ben & Lamar slate is even accused of creating this, a fake website about the We are Oregon candidates.


Laura & Nick (We Are Oregon)