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ASUO Election Polls A Go-Go

March 29th, 2010 by D

This is only going to go downhill [Update]

March 13th, 2010 by D

Was sent this e-mail from a group called College Grievance Consulting. In part, here’s what it said.

College Grievance Consulting is a newly formed organization of former ASUO members that would like to help the elections process this Spring. These individuals are willing to anonymously use their time to produce both grievances and responses to submit to the Constitution Court. By anonymously working for any and every campaign, we will be able to communicate fairly with the individual parties involved.

Former students meddling in college politics? This is obviously going to go well.

7PM Update:
This group sent out an e-mail saying they don’t exist anymore.

We regret to inform you that our organization will no longer be operating in the UofO. Upon recieving our first request, internal power struggles, social inadequacies, and infighting at our group has led to our demise. While we all wish that we could work on henalf of the morally just, or group can no longer function as is. We appreciate all of the support we have recieved, and look forward to a possible comeback maybe.

Maybe they’re secretly going to exist while lurking in the shadows.

Man, I could not care less.

Sources: ASUO candidate Rousseau violates campaign rules

March 13th, 2010 by D

An anonymous source from inside the ASUO is reporting that Amelie Rousseau, a candidate for ASUO President in the upcoming spring elections, has violated campaign rules by using the ASUO office to print campaign materials.

Signage is posted around the ASUO office and the entrances which tell candidates that there is to be no campaigning inside.

The source said that no grievance was scheduled to be filed, “She got reprimanded for it and paid for it.”

When asked who reprimanded Rousseau the source replied, “She is on [the ASUO executive] staff still. That makes her subject to who she works under.” Rousseau is the ASUO Executive’s events coordinator.

The source declined to comment on what happened to the aforementioned printed material saying only that it had been destroyed or thrown away.

Forget the OC, the University needs an ASUO watchdog group

March 10th, 2010 by Ross Coyle

In a recent press release to the Elections Committee and general student body, Tony Mecum announced the creation of the Students for Responsible Government. SRG, according to Mecum, is “a watchdog group to monitor campaign promises and rules by creating awareness about this year’s student government elections.”

Mecum, who resigned today from the EMU board, declares that he is tired of the elections being a “giant circus show” and that “for too long have special interest groups poisoned the democratic free allocation process.” He plans to wage this ASUO war with “every constitutional power granted to free paying members of this association.”┬áThe group is “nothing short of excited” and has received support from leaders across campus, according to Mecum. SRG is looking forward to the coming weeks, and is already analyzing wire tips.

Well all I can say is that it’s hight time that the UO finally has a group to keep an eye on the ASUO. Despite their stunning effectiveness as a governing body, you never know when the ASUO might misallocate hundreds of thousands of dollars to some kind of shady lobbyist group, or potentially break constitutional law. It’s great that we have upstanding men people in our student body willing to speak out against these abuses. I can rest easy tonight knowing that though ASUO elections loom on the horizon, Mecum and his group “are committed to this cause. Justice will be served.”

The most fiercestest government watchdog.

May the ASUO fear this face.

Campaigns continue for Ciaramella, McCafferty

March 3rd, 2010 by Sudsy

(We apologize for the delay for the posters. Proper Facebook clearance was needed.)

Campaign trail starts for Castaneda, Rousseau

March 3rd, 2010 by Sudsy

Looks like the ASUO Elections season is underway! Here’s some sweet posters!