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Last Night’s Senate

First of all, thank you ASUO for the $6,379. We look forward to continue printing at our current rate. With that being said, last nights senate could only be described as a clusterfuck. It was only fitting that the meeting opened with the senate introducing themselves by naming their favorite cartoons.

The ASUO voted down the proposed resolution that would ask the Pacifica Forum to remove themselves from campus. Before the senate discussed the issue there was a thirty minutes allowed for the public to speak out on their position for the resolution. Fro the most part the speakers were carryovers from the last senate meeting including Michael Williams of the AHTF and Cimmeron Gillespie of the Student Insurgent. All and all it was pretty normal until a speaker from the BSU came up and emphatically declared to the “7 white faces who removed themselves from the resolution would be terrified if there was a black supremacist group on campus.” After that was said, the looks on the senators faces were priceless, like they knew she was right.

The resolution was presented by Sen. Schultz, Cimmeron Gillespie, ASUO VP Getachew, and ASUO President Kallaway. All four of the presenters emphasized that this was an issue of students safety and how they are appalled that students do not feel safe on campus. The senate then began deliberation and shit hit the fan. The audience was quick to call out anyone who opposed their view, practially making last weeks Pacifica Forum meeting look tame. Cries of “Shutup” “Bullshit” and “You’re wrong” flooded the room during Sen. Tiptino and Sen. Sheldon’s speeches.

ASUO senate president Nick Gower had to tell the audience to respect the speakers several times during the discussion. Sen. Tyler Griffin took his time to talk to tell the crowd to give the speakers respect. Several senators exclaimed that they did not feel that the room was no longer a safe place and others talked of how they no longer felt that the atmosphere of the room was conducive of making an important decision.

All in all it was a very confusing discussion period. The senate seemingly contradicted each other several times, leaving protesters confused and angered.

Sen. Schultz proclaimed that if the resolution did not pass he would come back again and again with similar resolutions. If that’s the case I’m curious if the senate meetings will ever be a place of rational and respected discussion again, if it ever was.

For those keeping score at home.
3 times white male privilege was brought up.
1 N-bomb
4 people crying
15 minute speech by Sen. Hilts setting the high for this year.

In the words of Sen. Weintraub, “You can’t fight hate with hate.”

  1. Claire says:

    I think I actually might show up to one of these meetings now.. it’d be funny to see 4 people cry over this crap, as well as see students antagonize each other with such pointless language and topics. It appears our ASUO is very fruitful. kudos to them, don’t they get ‘paid’ for this bs? if so, can i join in?

  2. Evan P. Thomas says:

    Not really sure what the IQ of a person trying to pass legislation by yelling “bullshit” is.
    4? Is that generous?

  3. Drew Cattermole says:

    When I went into the ASUO office to pick up the mail there was no word if Schultz had received any messages, in fact only one senator was in the office.

  4. C.T. Behemoth says:

    Schultz also said he’d quit if 11 of his peers sent an e-mail to him opposing the resolution.

    The vote was 7-11-1…no e-mails required.

    That’s 11 messages, loud and clear. So, when will Schultz step down?

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