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Sources: ASUO candidate Rousseau violates campaign rules

An anonymous source from inside the ASUO is reporting that Amelie Rousseau, a candidate for ASUO President in the upcoming spring elections, has violated campaign rules by using the ASUO office to print campaign materials.

Signage is posted around the ASUO office and the entrances which tell candidates that there is to be no campaigning inside.

The source said that no grievance was scheduled to be filed, “She got reprimanded for it and paid for it.”

When asked who reprimanded Rousseau the source replied, “She is on [the ASUO executive] staff still. That makes her subject to who she works under.” Rousseau is the ASUO Executive’s events coordinator.

The source declined to comment on what happened to the aforementioned printed material saying only that it had been destroyed or thrown away.

  1. Jackson says:

    The SRG is investigating this further, but my friend in the organization said that they have bigger dirt on Rousseau that will most likely damage her campaign way more than a grievance regarding campaign material would ever cause. I think something serious has occurred that Rousseau isn’t even aware of. If that’s the case, I don’t want this person to run the ASUO. Think of the tragedies she will cause.

  2. Louise says:

    Rousseau has been baptized in a religion of liberalism and corruption. Consider a grievance already filed.


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