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Jimmy Kimmel: Zionist Racist

The last full episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live I saw featured Kimmel and Snoop Dogg getting drunk on Vodka, and ended with Kimmel making fun of one of his guests, a ventriloquist, before manhandling his puppet. It was decent television, but nothing special. I’ve caught the show sporadically through the years, but I’ve never watched more than 10 minutes of it at a time.

But thanks to the rational folks at Indymedia (my only source for news), I now know that Jimmy Kimmel is nothing but a Zionist racist. What precipitated this discovery? Well, the other night Kimmel had Charlie Sheen on as a guest. At one point, the conversation turned to 9/11 — total yuck-yuck fare, I know — a topic that has interested Sheen ever since he stopped doing smack and donned his tinfoil hat. Sheen has questioned whether or not the government played a role in the attacks. But apparently Kimmel, being a conniving Zionist racist and all, was having nothing of it, and changed the topic. Thus, the apoplexy from the Indymedia crowd:

It’s nice that someone mentioned 911 truth on TV, but it’s obvious that Kimmel was just out for some ratings and had no intention of actually trying to find out anything new about 911.

Yep, another year without that coveted Pulitzer, Kimmel.

But [Sheen] did mention [9/11] so it was a small step forward. And Oprah? Well, don’t hold your breath on that one either. She still thinks James Earl Ray killed MLK.

Gasp. Fuckin’ Zionist racist.

what else would you expect. these t.v. talents and their producers didn’t get to be out-front of the big media machine by letting the a little truth disturb the surface of their trip through the status-quo media-matrix.

I have now begun peppering all sentences with the phrase “status quo media matrix”.