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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Man With 2.75 GPA Denounces Academic Elitism

There are hundreds if not thousands of out-of-state and international student [sic] on the campus who are NOT Oregonians… Is the intention of such policy to make the University for the people of this state, or is the University becoming the University of California at Oregon, or the University of Asia, Oregon campus?

Leaving aside that jaw-droppingly classy “University of Asia” comment, I am grateful to Bret for pointing out that this future asset to the space program has managed to misread the admissions policy that he thinks he’s objecting to. (The phrase to look for is “guaranteed admission”; see also this.) If he was a transfer student, it wouldn’t have applied to him anyway, but never mind.

And what are we to institute in place of nasty old academic standards? A “first come, first served” system. Excelsior!

The scholarly lessons, social intelligence and negotiation skills I learned at the University are very powerful, and they will help me immensely in the future.

The social intelligence on display here is palpable, folks, it really is.

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Sorry, the comment form is closed at this time.