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A More Interesting Question

First of all, I think Woodall and his mother probably can make a case for an inappropriate dismissal, if as they claim the possibility wasn’t spelled out in the handbook.

That claim, probably by design, avoids the bigger question about the use of public money. It sounds from the article like the money goes directly from the state to the school. If so, in my opinion they have no right to expel a gay student.

But it’s tricky. The federal requirement that a school must not discriminate on race, color, or national origin seems at first like it should logically extend to sexual orientation. Yet, what else is missing from that list? Why, religion, of course. And who likes to exclude homosexuals? Religious groups! [Er, and the military…] Are these two omissions intentional and related? I don’t know, but I have my suspicions. And I think it stinks. If you’re going to take public money (directly), I think you need to let in the public.

That said, I have an interesting question of my own. WHY did he choose THAT private school? Bible study? Blech. I mean, to each their own, but if I was a gay high school student in West Palm Beach and I wanted a private school, you’d probably find me down at Lance Tower’s Academy of Interpretive Disco.

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