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Late Night Econobloggery

If I were a gallery, I would certainly be filled with penuts. However, Don Luskin is actually praising Paul Krugman for something. Apparently Herrdocktorprofessor (as Robert Musil would say) has gotten it right on trade. Good, even in anti-Bush guise it’s nice to see some serious econ-talk in the NYT:

Yet I keep coming back to the big good news of the past 25 years: in a world with more or less free trade, development is possible. We are not, it turns out, condemned to live forever on a planet where only a small minority of the global population has a decent standard of living.

I can’t believe Krugman said that. There’s also Steve Antler on “EconoEquivalence” (Newer Post Here). And Steve Verdon demonstrates the idiocy that is DailyKos.

UPDATE: Verdon on Health Care, here and here. Per a discussion with Oliver.

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