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This Kid Is A Little Like Jesus…

You know, if Jesus were an xenophobic attention whore.

Tim Bueler (the Jesus/whore-like figure in question), a high school student from a small liberal town in California, has received a lot of press coverage recently after starting the Conservative Club, which publishes a flier in which students can report “un-American activities” among left-leaning faculty. Ho ho!

Quote from flier:

Liberals welcome every Muhammad, Jamul and Jose who wishes to leave his Third World state and come to America – mostly illegally – to rip off our health-care system, balkanize our language and destroy our political system.

Like a pint-sized Michael Savage, the pubescent pundit has lay waste to his liberal enemies with a scarifying level of ridiculous rhetoric. As a result, Bueler has received threats from students and faculty alike, giving him street cred among certain conservative circles.

I must give props to the young Bueler for speaking his mind; that’s admirable, even if the purpose of his rhetoric is to elicit anger, not change. But I think that Bueler and others are underestimating the ability of high schools to stifle speech if, for any reason, it may counteract with the learning environment (am I right, Dan?).

Some conservatives believe that this kid could be the new messiah of young conservatism, but I doubt it. His level of discourse leaves the unsavory impression that he is trolling for attention. I think all this huff will blow over once the kid gets laid.

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