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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

"The Twisted Brain-Wrong Of A One-Off Man-Mental"

A mysterious contributor known only as “Stan” mentions the great Chris Morris in the comments below, and I wanted to throw some Morrisania into the main thread too.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure I can do Brass Eye justice. It’s a spoof current-events show, but so much more: Morris and company pose as serious journalists and enlist not-terribly-bright celebrities to decry meaningless or wildly implausible events (in the first episode, many concerned individuals are moved by the plight of Karla, an East German elephant so traumatized by captivity that she has completely inserted her trunk and head up her ass.) He also managed to incite a minor panic in the media and Parliament over a new Eastern European drug called “cake”, which was deadly, highly addictive, and predictably made up.

Anyone with an all-regions DVD player will not be disappointed by this, unless they are exceptionally hard to please. (See also: Jam.)

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