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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Dan Wieden Is My New Hero

Why? Because he’s not only rich and successful, but also gives the best assignments ever. At least, according to the accounts of the seminar he’s teaching this term. Run naked through a golf course? Crash a stranger’s wedding? Man, I wish my Econ classes had assignments like that.

It seems a lot of the J-school kids have objections to this sort of thing, but my feeling is that 1) this class isn’t required and 2) they should stop being wusses and just find creative solutions to these problems. The golf-course one is pretty easy, you see, if you go outside of the city limits into Lane County, it is technically legal to be naked in public (at least on certain public lands). So, find a municipal golf course that’s outside of city limits. I’ll admit that I wouldn’t steal a wedding gift, not because it would ruin the wedding but because that’s theft, but I’d certainly object at some wedding. The reason? I had to for a class.

Last year kids had to interview for jobs for which they had no qualifications, I think that’s also a pretty awesome assignment. Many felt that they were being asked to lie, but that wasn’t actually part of the assignment. I think the point was probably learning to sell your qualifications regardless of the job. Toughen up, J-school kids, and learn to have some fun with this sort of stuff.

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    Dan Wieden is a stud. The Commentator pointed this one out (and I agree with them, which I probably would’ve never said working at the Ol’ Dirty Emerald):He’s not only…

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