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Now, I have no need of a razor with four blades. I barely have to shave more than once a week as is, and I’m not going after anything that would require mucho effort to shear. So, I’ve decided to give away this poor little wayward razor. After winning seven unappreciated cans of Coca-Cola C2 in a contest over on Welcome To Blog, I thought I’d give something back, something shiny and good for cutting.

So, A CONTEST! Today is Monday, I start work at my new banking job next Monday, it is 10:42 PM CST as I write this, so let’s say the deadline for entries is next Monday, November 15th, at 11pm CST (9pm Pacific). I shall give this poor wayward razor to the contestant who either comes up with the next great improvement to a product that’s fine already or photoshops the poor little razor into the most compromising position. Only entries posted in comments will be considered, hilarity is encouraged. BEGIN!

UPDATE: Blog has pointed out that our comments do not allow pictures to be posted to them, so picture entries can be emailed to nothf at yahoo dot com. Text entries should be posted for the “entertainment” of our “readers.”

  1. Matt says:

    A left-footed automobile

  2. WWB says:

    Pontiac Aztec wins my vote. No one would be stupid enough to create such a thing.

  3. Stacey says:

    Actually, cows with windows do exist. I went to an open house at the University of Minnesota School of Veterinary Medicine where they had fistulated a cow. This means they cut a whole in its side, let it heal around a rubber siding type thing, and then put a rubber stopper in it. So you could remove this rubber stopper and have a peek inside the cow’s stomach. It was nifty.

  4. Blog says:

    The OC message board thingie doesn’t allow pictures, Photoshoped or otherwise, right?

  5. Timbo says:

    Disposable Pants!
    Exploding Fedora!
    Edible Umbrella!
    Mentholated Clock!
    Backpack Projector!
    Cows… with Windows!
    High-altitude Lava Lamp!
    Pontiac Aztec!
    Ritalin Soda!
    Dolby 10.1 Ultra Surround!

    I like this game.

  6. Andy D says:

    how about an asshole on my elbow.

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