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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Mi Casa Shall Be A Very Very Very Fine Casa

All right, I’m down to pretty much two places in my quest to find a domicile now that I am employed starting Monday. One is much larger, slightly more expensive, and in a slightly worse location. The other is brand new, in a better location, smaller, and slightly cheaper. The former has a devilishly cute blonde girl as the leasing agent, the latter has a devilishly cute brunette as same. I’m pretty much indifferent, so I’m going to let y’all help me out.

Poll after the cut.

Here Be Housing!

Blonde or Brunette?


  1. Timothy says:

    BRUNETTE WINS! I have signed the lease, I move in January 1.

  2. Andy D says:

    Location Location Location. You can get a bigger place later on.

  3. Timothy says:

    Lucky for me, I do too.

  4. Sho says:

    I think the verdict is in: Gentlemen (and probably some ladies) prefer brunettes.

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