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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

I’ll bet it was a nice vase though.

While waiting for the live broadcast to start at KIVI in Boise, I came across this story on ABC’s 20/20.
A short summary: Aaron Tonken, a man who produced many celebrity charity fundraisers got put behind bars last March for stealing money from the charities that he was supposed to be raising money for. He has now written a book that tells where a lot of that money went.
I have not read the book, but ABC’s report alone implicated Elizabeth Taylor, Arnold Schwarzenegger and, my favorite story, Gerald Ford.
It seems Ford was up to receive an award from one of the charities that Tonken was organizing.
“According to Tonken, Ford was to be paid a $200,000 personal appearance fee, in addition to a $200,000 contribution made to the Betty Ford Clinic. The former president signed a contract, obtained by ABC News, agreeing to the terms, Tonken said… After all the gifts, perks and payments, Tonken said he had no money left for a fancy plaque, so the Spirit of Giving Award that night was an empty flower vase he found in the hotel.”
I saw the video and they really did give the former president an empty vase. Given, every person watching that show thought that it was some kind of expensive crystal. No, it was a cheap vase found in a hotel room.

On the up side, Hillary Clinton might have some dirty laundry to deal with because of this whole thing. New York Post’s Cindy Adams says that, “in Chapter 13 alone there’s enough material to keep a battery of Clinton damage controllers working overtime.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    UO/OC alum in the 208? Hell yes! Viva la Boise!

  2. Timothy says:

    What’s the lesson kids? Oh yes, don’t give to charity.

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