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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Apparently, Pullman Has A Lot Of Whitney Houston Fans…

Jesus, this is what happens when I only read the FIRE website once in six months. I blame burnout from the whole PFC debacle. How the hell did we miss this story?

Someone see if they can get some MCC cash to get Chris Lee’s Mangina Monologues to come on tour, stat.

UPDATE: It continues. By the way, how creepy does the Office of Campus Involvement sound?

Price adjustments have also been made. A range of $5 for students to $100 for WSU or University of Idaho administrators will be enforced.

As for Lees upcoming plays, [Center for Human Rights Director Raul] Sanchez plans to attend in case another controversy arises.

Itll probably shorten the amount of investigation we have to do if Im actually a witness there, he said.

Sanchez is not usually comfortable discussing cases, but Lee has made the case public already, he said.

Sounds like it’s getting personal up there.

  1. Timothy says:

    Get that Messiah a gold glove!

  2. Tyler says:

    My favorite bit from the article:

    “And of course there was the scene where newborn babies were shot onto the stage, apparently from a Mormon mothers offstage womb, and Jesus, like a good outfielder, caught all 16 of them.”

  3. Danimal says:

    I just love how commonplace references to “threat[s] to safety” have become in cases of uproar over controversial but essentially innocuous free expression. Have we really gone all the way back to 1914 in our thinking?

    Current First Amendment law, as shaped by judges over the last century, is wonderfully broad and disparaging of such nonsensical appeals to public safety and order. But I seriously worry about the mentality of the current crop of students. It won’t be too long before the censorial creeps currently enjoying hegemony in American universities are in a position to determine the future scope of the First Amendment. I’m thinking of the sort who, say, claim the OC threatens student safety by its printed word or believe DuChateau committed defamation by calling Frog an ass clown. Meanwhile, free speech is in much worse shape in every other liberal democracy on earth. It’s really pretty depressing how dumb our generation is about free expression.


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