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Stop Global Warming: Clearcut a Forest Today

According to a BBC news article:

Scientists in Germany have discovered that ordinary plants produce significant amounts of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas which helps trap the sun’s energy in the atmosphere.

The findings, reported in the journal Nature, have been described as “startling”, and may force a rethink of the role played by forests in holding back the pace of global warming.

Ahh, it would seem that the decline in logging in the pacific northwest has been contributing to global warming! I wonder, what does OSPIRG think about this?

I don’t have much else to say, other than I look forward to the next contradictory study about global warming to come out.

  1. olly says:

    And, not to go on, but one of Blair’s commenters has coined the term “Naz-Trees”.

  2. Michael G. says:

    That was a most excellent article you linked, Olly.

  3. ian says:

    .au addresses automatically get flagged as spam.

  4. Michael G. says:

    It was the big URL, I’m pretty sure. I approved it. You should have better privs than that. You probably need to log in.

  5. Olly says:

    (Um, that was me raising a “usability issue”.)

    Let’s see if it works without the tags:,5744,17787725%255E601,00.html

  6. Olly says:

    Hey! My comment is “awaiting moderation”? What the fuck?

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