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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Huskies Throwing Elbows? Cool. Ducks Throwing Elbows? Ejection Time!

I’m watching the Ducks and Huskies play in the second round of the Pac-10 Tournament against the Huskies and Aaron Brooks has just been ejected from the game. Brooks threw an elbow into Husky Guard Ryan Appleby‘s face after Appleby, on the previous possession, appeared to intentionally elbow Brooks in the face. Both Brooks and Appleby were bleeding. The officials didn’t call a foul on Appleby but did throw Brooks out of the game, crippling the Ducks’ chance to win. That’s Pac-10 officiating for you.

Also, Ernie Kent is horrible at teaching rebounding and defense. It’s absolutely incredible that someone whose players have no concept of how to box out or play proper defense isn’t on the coaching hot seat.

  1. Gary says:

    Six stitches…guess he qualifies as actually being hurt. Maybe next time we can count the drops of blood. Why is it necessary to demean them as scrawny or Appleby as a wimp because he wasn’t hurt badly enough?

    If Brooks played for the Huskies he would be suspended for the first five games of the 2006-07 season. Brooks, having been recruited by the Huskies, is simply bitter because the path he chose has thus far led nowhere. Talk radio in the Seattle area is rampant with Brooks defenders. Local, talented nice kid who will now be remembered for his one violent act.

    You Oregon football fans should be thankful that a cetain freshman forward for the Husky basketball team does not play football.

    Yeah, I’m done with this too….

  2. Ian says:

    You say that Brooks was

  3. C-Dogg says:

    Jeebeezus Ian… ever played competitive basketball? There are non-calls that should be flagrant fouls quite often. I learned in my 5th grade league that when a player leaves the floor to shoot a jumpshot, I can use my off-ball hand to push that individual as hard as I can in the waist and never get called for it. It is a foul? Yes. Does it get called by the ref? No. Does it piss the other player off? Yes. When they did something stupid in retaliation did they get called for a foul? Yes.

    The first thing all basketball players should know is refs make horrible calls. That’s what they are there to do. The second thing they should know is non-calls are a part of horrible calls. Aaron Brooks was wrong here, he should have walked straight up to the ref with blood in hand and waited for the ref to call a timeout to get him off the floor.

    Although I think Timmy has it best… two scrawny punks enter, one scrawny punk leaves.

    [Edited By Tim To Correct Name]

  4. Timothy says:

    I think watching trained seals play basketball would be more entertaining.

    That said: Brooks sucks, Appleby sucks. The solution is THUNDERDOME!

    Two Oafs enter, One oaf leaves!

  5. Gary says:

    ‘But he wouldn

  6. Michael G. says:

    This is basketball we are talking about, right?

    Wake me up when UO has Pac-10 baseball…

  7. Ian says:

    “may have fouled Brooks”? Heh, you’re a sharp one.

    Brooks deserved to be thrown out of the game and suspended- what he did was inexcusable. But he wouldn’t have done something stupid if the officials had called Appleby for hitting Brooks in the mouth in the first place. Ignoring a foul like that is inexcusable and indicative of what Pac-10 officiating has become: sloppy, inconsistent, and unprofessional.

    I just hope Appleby can recover from having to receive two stitches in time for the tournament. What a brave lil’ trooper.

  8. Gary says:

    Not hard to figure this one out…Appleby may have fouled Brooks …and the foul may not have been called.

    So, based on Brooks retaliation strategem, each time a player is fouled and gets a non call, that player is then allowed to intentionally injure his opponent.


  9. Casey says:

    The Ducks might be better without Brooks. How can a guy play D-1 college hoops for 3 years and not improve? In fact, he’s probably digressed a little bit.

  10. Ian says:

    Ducks win despite not having Brooks in the game for all of the second half. “Champ” Oguchi was goddamn incredible again: in the two Pac-10 tournament games he has a total of 12 three pointers, which is a (four game) tournament record.

    It’s good to beat the Huskies, particularly when it’s against the odds.

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