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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

A Big Thank You

A big, big thank you is due to the following people who chipped in money in order to give us two brand spankin’ new boxes: Bill Beutler, Ed Carson, Bret Jacobson, Owen Brennan Rounds, R.S.D. Wederquist, and, of course, Tim Dreier. Tim was instrumental in organizing and paying for the purchase of the boxes (not to mention this website, which he pays for out of pocket.) This magazine is what it is today thanks to our alumni- without them, we’d be just another characterless rag. Thanks a lot, fellas.

New OC Box

This doubles our total number of outdoor distribution points. You can find Commentator boxes across the street from the UO Bookstore, next to the PLC bus stop, on a kitty-corner from the EMU Amphitheatre, and on Agate St. across from Hamilton. You can find indoor racks in Lillis, Hamilton, Carson, and the EMU. We will be adding two more outdoor boxes soon enough, this time out of our fundraising account.

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