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5/24 Student Senate Meeting Audio

Audio of the meeting can now be found here (60mb .mp3). I don’t have time to look through and find all of the relevant parts, but the Senate votes to have a five minute recess 2:15:00 in. It’s at this point that the walkout happens and things actually get interesting. A number of people from the Insurgent whine, two ASUO members symbolically resign, the David Goward/Dallas Brown pissing match continues unabated, Don Goldman performs in front of the cameras, Adam Walsh has a nice little speech, and Brown and Goldman chat. Wonderful stuff… although that really isn’t the case for the middle two hours of the meeting. The audio quality will likely be pretty rough for most of it.

  1. Miles Rost says:

    We all will miss the secret identity of Walsh…the HATMAN.

  2. Arianna Huffington says:

    Walshie daaahhling, I just loved the baseball hats!

  3. Jon Stewart says:

    Ha ha ha ha! What was their accomplishments this year?? Thats what I thought….

  4. Colbert, Steven says:

    There was no appropriate thread, but this is a very important question.
    Walsh/Coy: great ASUO Executive, or greatest ASUO Executive?

  5. Niedermeyer says:

    I’m making some popcorn

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