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Fred Jones Comes Back Home

Fred Jones Dunking (from Oregon basketball great Fred Jones was today traded by the Toronto Raptors to the 24-32 Blazers. Jones is, of course, one of the best players ever to attend the UO, and while his NBA career hasn’t been as decorated as his college one he will nevertheless be a solid addition to the young Portland team: he’s a good defender and is excellent at dribble penetration. Plus, the Blazers have spent the past few years worrying about their image and, if nothing else, Jones will be a fan favorite thanks to his PDX roots, friendly demeanor, and ridiculous dunking ability.

The only real questions remaining are if his mediocre shooting percentage will go up and if he’ll gel with Coach Nate McMillen and the rest of the Blazers team. I’m guessing that the answer to both will be “yes”– but hey, when one of your favorite players is now on your favorite team it’s hard to not be a bit optimistic.

More on the trade here, at the Oregonian’s Blazers Blog.

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