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UO Game Day Drinking to be Curbed?

Ducks TailgateToday’s Register Guard reports that the Eugene City Council took steps yesterday toward regulating drinking at tailgate parties on privately owned parking lots near Autzen Stadium. Currently, the consumption of alcohol is allowed on the massive parking lot next to Autzen on the days of home games. Drinking is technically illegal, but is tolerated in the private lots along MLK Jr. Blvd. This may all change soon as city councilors are considering putting limits on drinking in private lots, but they are putting off making a decision until they know how the University will respond.

Councilor George Poling, who represents the area that includes Autzen, favors expanding the allowance of alcohol to private lots if the University decides not to support any limits on drinking. Of course, the Eugene Police Department and Mothers Against Drunk Driving are against any sort of expansion. EPD stated that the number of brawls and alcohol-related brawls is on the rise, while MADD espoused its typical neo-prohibitionist message.

At least one private organization that provides parking is against any sort of regulation or permits. The Eugene Masonic Lodge manages a 10-acre lot across from Autzen and allows alcohol consumption and just encourages drinkers to dispose of their bottles before crossing the street to Autzen.

(Photo: pete4ducks)

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  2. Sho says:

    Yes, if the city pushes toward enacting any sort of regulation, the police are going to have to do a lot more than just state matter-a-factly that crime is increasing as a result of alcohol consumption. EPD just doesn’t like any drinking going on that’s not under their watchful eye.

  3. Ian says:

    I’m trying to comprehend how fucking absurd it is that drinking is illegal on private lots while perfectly permissible on public lots, but I’m afraid my brain will explode if I try any harder.

    Police are concerned because the number of brawls and other alcohol-related incidents is increasing.

    Those are some great statistics right there. Increase from what to what? How is this sort of thing measured? How many serious injuries/accidents have occurred due to alcohol in the past few years?

    My feeling is that there is absolutely no crisis at hand, despite certain City Councilor efforts to manufacture one.

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