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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Sucks to be under 21

The Ol’ Dirty reported today on the House Bill 2147 that is about to be signed by Gov. Teddy Kulong that will suspend the license for 90 days of anyone who gets an MIP, or they will have the option to go through a bullshit deference program. Now I could care less since it doesn’t affect me directly, but I see this as an attempt to pump more money into the absurd addiction places that are everywhere.

I had to go through 16 weeks at Emergence for a DUI and can tell you that they are a waste of time unless you’re a 45-year-old waste of space with at least 4 drug addictions. Now the state is going to toss in thousands of Oregon youngsters every year into these “recovery” joints so that they can pay for the treatment of Meth heads, crack addicts, smack dealers, beans babies and torpedo tweakers.

  1. Niedermeyer says:

    Hence the Darfur analogy…

  2. Danimal says:

    That is more or less the same as a license suspension, isn’t it?

  3. Andy says:

    So Lauren, can we apply your logic to the Sudan tragedy as well?

    “The way I see it if you

  4. Timothy says:

    Lauren is obviously a teetotaling prude. And a fan of arbitrarily capricious penalties for harmless, voluntary behavior. I call shenanigans, I call it right now.

  5. Simg says:

    Always run from cops. They want to steal your money.

  6. Lauren T says:

    21 is the legal drinking age and has been since every undergrad who will be affected by this at the U of O was born. The way I see it if you’re dumb enough to get caught you deserve whatever penalty they decided to levy. Im definitely not suprised Betz AND Timbo both got one.

  7. Sean says:

    What Betz says exemplifies what is wrong with this bill: The bill is trying to reduce underage drinking, but all it will do is make us minors more wary of being caught.

  8. Ossie says:

    I’m drunk

  9. Betz says:

    Hmmm, point taken…Cut me some slack, it’s Friday.

  10. Timothy says:

    Still, I think more young kids are going to really consider and re-examine their drinking habits with tougher laws.

    Okay, so, the law is predicated on controlling the behavior of legal, voting, draftable adults and you think that’s okay. You think that’s the government’s business? You think people should be punished more harshly for engaging in behavior you condone through participation? WTF?

  11. Betz says:

    I only got a month’s time until I turn 21, so I’m not going to be affected by this bill in any way (unless in the off chance that I get caught drinking before then, although, with my schedule, I doubt that will happen).

    Honestly, though, I think its not a bad bill. Whether or not the bill was designed to put more money into state-funded rehab centers is debatable. Still, I think more young kids are going to really consider and re-examine their drinking habits with tougher laws. I got written up for an MIP last year, and I got off pretty easy -a court appearance, a $50 dollar fine, and a six-hour class later, I was finished, and – the best part – the MIP was stricken from all police records. I didn’t learn anything, except how awsome I am that I was able to take care of everything on my own without my parents knowing about it.

    Sure, the law sucks if you’re under 21, but don’t expect any sympathy from those of legal age. Most people drink….heavily….before they are 21; the one’s that get the MIP’s are the ones that are acting carelessly and non-discretely, in which case they deserve one. The more dumbasses that get slapped with an MIP, the less dumbasses on the road…and Eugene has plenty of those.

  12. Shadow says:

    WHEN WILL IT STOP!!!!!!!!!!!! ??????????

  13. Ford says:

    I dig the different font. Makes me feel like I’m trippin out

  14. Timothy says:

    Not to mention that drinking while you’re not driving is unrelated to whether or not you should be allowed to drive.

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